Nov 072012

Skeletal Jamming
Brymn is about to give a skeleton some love, Mace of Disruption style

I’m not sure that 1500 Motes of Night per hour is actually good; maybe there are ways to get way more. But it seemed good to me.

All I needed out of this year’s version of the Mabar Festival was 6500 Motes of Night. I wanted to acquire one Epic Cloak of Night, but only the one, and I started with 1000 leftover from previous years. I also had some Spectral Dragon Scales, Eternal Keys, one Lich Dust, and a huge pile of 600 Vampire Fangs I accumulated hoping that they would someday be valuable.

They weren’t.

On Mote acquisition:

  • Start with one Radiant Servant (in my case Brymn, a level 20 Cleric that generally forgets to heal)
  • Your mote gatherer will take a few hits, he/she will be gathering agro on purpose, so a reasonable combination of hit points/armor/defense will come in handy
  • Mabar monsters have to be activated. The easiest way to do this is to just hit them with something, so some kind of undead-hitting weaponry is a good idea. Brymn’s choice was a +5 Heavy Mace of Disruption
  • Mabar monsters are spawned by characters moving into their spawn zone, so the ability to move fast will increase overall spawn rates. Brymn used his House Phiarlan Pendant of Time to move as fast as possible
  • Some of the Mabar monsters will Enervate/Level Drain you. Deathward is a big help

You will have to adapt all of this if you don’t happen to have a level 20 Radiant Servant. Not a problem, most caster types will be well-suited to Mabar work. Some people were very enthusiastic about their monks too, although I would think a character with Area of Effect attacks would have a built-in edge.

So equipped, enter Delera’s Graveyard.

Don’t bother with the level-ranged instances, enter the all-levels instance. This is perfect for a level 20 character, most of what will spawn is already at your level, and you can handle the occasional lonely Epic monster you may see.

Buff. Deathward, Freedom of Movement, Phiarlan Pendant of Time, Nightshield.

Move. Pick a path and get going. My path starts at Delera’s tombs, circles the tombs, then off to the graveyard exit gateway (but don’t exit), then the spire that hosts the quest “And the Dead Shall Rise”, then around behind the hill with Delera’s tombs where the Mabar vendors are, then continue around to the quest “Keeper’s Sanctuary”, then back to Delera’s tombs to start over.

Listen. You can hear monsters spawning; a creak of bone, a distant scream, the evil laugh of a vampire. Of course sometimes you just see them, that counts too.

Stop. When you encounter a spawn, hit it with your weapon to activate it. Your Radiant Aura may activate it as well but it takes a couple of beats longer, it’s faster to just smack the thing.

Gather. It may be that you have lucked into a group of monsters already, and if so you can skip this step. But most of the spawns I found were spread out. I’d find one skeleton easily, but there would be two more if I just took a moment to look around for them. Hit one, run to the next, hit it, run to the third. Don’t run too far, it will cause your prey to leash (and escape!) but you will almost always find that the solo skellie in front of you is really part of a group of three.

Dispatch. By now you should have a bunched group of monsters, worthy of your precious mana. My dispatch recipe was Mass Cure Light, Mass Cure Moderate, Radiant Blast. This would outright kill almost everything, leaving one (or two out of a large group) that might need a Mace hit or two to finish off.

Conserve. One or two monsters probably do not deserve your mana. Toggle on Radiant Aura, it will act as a light DOT attack as well as keep you healed, and just beat them to death with your weapon.

Recharge. Even with aggressive conservation of mana and Turn Undead uses, you will run out. There are a couple of ways to recharge in a hurry, my favorite is to just re-complete the quest “Return to Delera’s Tomb”; leaving a completed quest completely refills you. If you prefer, you can use the shrine in quest “From Beyond the Grave”, it’s the first thing you see when you enter the quest.

Repeat. Not just here but game-wide, farming success is largely determined by your focus and your ability to minimize other activities and return to farming as quickly as possible. So go! There are Motes out there with your name on them!

Happy hunting!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. One other thing that helps a bit is to get into a PUG while farming. The spawn rate appears to increase when more players are in the area, and you will sometimes get items from other group members’ kills.

  2. IMO turbine should make vampire fangs (and lich dust, even knowing that no one will be that crazy) possible to be converted in motes, just like in crystal cove you can trade the gems you gather for doublons… but it would be too perfect…

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