Jun 202014

I have a fairly new computer, one I had constructed from custom components a couple of months ago. It is fast and smart and capable, and it has improved my DDO experience in more than one way; the solid-state drive means no more double-login and everything loads so much more quickly.

But it has a fit most of the time when I enter the Amrath zone. A kind of lovely fit, one that I enjoy although I still wish it would stop.

How Green Was My Amrath

For some reason, when I enter Amrath, the shading color is drawn not as shades of black, but in bright non-variant splashes of a vivid primary RGB color. Usually green, but once red, not yet blue although that would be interesting too. I still get Amrath in the correct color scheme too, once in a while, but I have to load/reload several times to get it right. Logging in and out doesn’t do it, I have to open and close the DDO client.

Sorry to bother you all with my personal PC issues but I find the images that I get from this one to be striking, and I wanted to share.

How Red Was My Amrath

I have a fairly good video card (GeForce GTX 770), with the latest drivers. I usually only have this issue in Amrath, not on the Shavarath battle plains, not anywhere else (at least that I’ve discovered so far), just Amrath. Except one time I had it in the Demonweb too.

Weird. But I like it. Even though I wish it would stop.

How Magenta Was My Ice Field

I’m including a screenshot I got in What Goes Up too, similarly color-washed but not by glitch, this one is by design. A magenta-caressed ice field. It seemed to fit in with the others even though this one is on purpose and the others, clearly, are not.

Check out this brief video of what the 3D world looks like when the shading color is immutable green:

Funky, but still sort of fun. It would be better if I could turn it off and on but, hey, as far as video glitches go, this one is pretty mundane.

And visually interesting.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. That looks like a corrupted/missing shading texture or a problem with your video card rendering that particular shader. Does it do this in all DX versions (9, 10 and 11)?

  2. Amusingly, this is what I tend to take screen shots of, not the usual tourist stuff (be it my own computer’s fault or actual bugs)… I’m not sure I understand how to play video games πŸ˜›

  3. Weird, I haven’t seen that before. I wonder why it only happens in Amrath.

  4. DDO, with added Samurai Jack shaders enabled?

    Probably something related to DX version, but certainly has an awesome stylised look πŸ™‚

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