Oct 032015
and what about the formal suit over-laying from above, what's the significance of that?

and what about the formal suit over-laying from above, what’s the significance of that?

Lazy texturing? Insignificant coincidence? Law in chaos? I don’t think so! I fear that it could be prophecy; pray that it is not! Luedwig feels no impending threat of bursting-butterflies so there is hope.

I have dozens of these little gems tucked away unmarked in my folders and have considered pulling my favourites into a single post; Devs, untapped potential! Let’s find our best dozen or twenty and place a spawning trigger in front of each. What will the trigger do? I don’t care tbh. But something, anything to acknowledge the existence of these little accidental beauties would be welcome.

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. Only a few hours to go before DDOcast 400…

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  1. I always see that as a fairy butterfly with a single mono-antennae

    • Well, I’m happy to hear that others are seeing things where I am seeing things but do we remember the time we had to address the issue of the hand and middle-finger? 😉

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