How Do I Vol?

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Apr 062016

How Do I Vol?
The Halfling Commandos (Tuesday Night edition) have finished flagging for Mark of Death. Which is great! Except for one small, nagging detail:

I have no idea how to run the Mark of Death.

Probably an important detail? Some raids do not require detailed knowledge. Just go in and figure it out. Like Defiler of the Just. Or Fire on Thunder Peak. Or really, most raids.

But not this one. This one has three different puzzles and intricate timing, and if you do it wrong, you all die – complete party wipe – right away, without learning anything.

The Mark of Death loading screen
The loading screen is grim and foreboding. And highly stylized!

I’ve actually run this raid, once or twice, in the “go here and do that” mode of someone who is trying to not look too useless while being dragged through by more experienced players. Yay for completion, but not so much for knowledge acquisition.

Beatifica poses while the Black Abbot monologues

Beatifica poses while the Black Abbot monologues

I know that it is essentially the same raid as the Black Abbot’s Ascension Chamber, but that is not as helpful as you might think. We only ran the Abbot raid sporadically, probably not even 20 times all put together, and the only puzzle I ever mastered was asteroids. I learned how to die repeatedly in the ice puzzle, but never how to complete it. I vaguely remember something about the goggles puzzle, I think I’ve even observed it, but have no idea how to succeed at it, let alone how to teach others to do it.


I have six days to figure this out. Yes, I will read the wiki. And yes, I will watch at least some of Voodoo Spice’s many videos.

But I am very doubtful about this, very doubtful indeed.

Please feel encouraged to help out in the comments. Encouraging help is preferred over mocking help, but at this point, I will take whatever help I can get.

How do I Vol?

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  1. Sorry, can’t help you – never run it πŸ™‚

    • Also never run it, heroic or epic, been on my to-do list for years…

      I must try to catch a learning raid next time it rolls around, for some reason I’m never flagged for which ever is the current…

      Good luck, and if you fail it’s only your pride and platinum at stake!

    • I’ve also never run this, but I’m putting heavy emphasis on Deathblock items. Lady Erandis d’Vol is probably the most powerful necromancer of Eberron. If not, she’s definitely in the top 10. But that’s just information I pulled from lore.

  2. Don’t have anyone remotely close to appropriate level range on Sarlona, or I’d lend a hand..

    At least, if you’ve already run TOEE2, you know what to do when the ripples appear on the ground!

  3. Ran this one a few times but in was given the same menial job each time and had no clue what was going on. My experience with most raids is similar. Never been much of a raider.

  4. You’re going to die. They will be encouraging deaths, but deaths nonetheless.

    No seriously, this (Both Abbot raids) and Titan have to be the two least run raids in the game, ever. I have NEVER been in the Titan raid, but did a lot of the first part of it dual boxing by myself. I have run ONE Abbot ever, and that was 3 servers ago on Khyber. I had something cast on me and was told to swim somewhere and stay here and there and do nothing, and I sat in the middle of the platform in the asteroids section, and I jumped where everyone else jumped for when “I CALL INFERNO!!!” happened.

    That’s it. So, for encouragement…well…since you are going into this with friends and you communicate very well, I think if anyone I know has a shot at pulling this off, knowing the research you’re gonna do, it’s gonna be you and the Commando’s.

    Good Luck!

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