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How Do I Gear This Guy?
This is Brymn Haversack. Brymn is the leader of the Halfling Commandos. He is also, in this life at least, a Mandatory Healer.

That means a couple of things:

  1. He wants to tank
  2. He emits healing – it flows from him. Everyone near the battle will be healed whether they like it or not

Brymn tanks via a pretty good Intimidate, and holds agro by re-Intmidation. He supplements this with the occasional area-of-effect attack spell, generally Cometfall due to it’s near-instantaneous casting time and chance of causing knockdowns.

But all is not well in Brymn-land. Brymn has a problem. Or rather, 14 problems. And they are all equipment.

His gear sucks.

“How did this come to pass?” You may ask incredulously, “aren’t you the guy that meticulously plots out every detail of the character loadout?”

Well, no. I was that guy, but that was the unemployed version of me, the one that had nothing better to do but spend hours pouring through every item available for every slot to cherry pick the very best. I am no longer that guy. Now I am the guy that has to ask for help rather than figuring out every single thing on his own.

So … help!

What gear best suits an end game Tank/Healer in today’s game?

Here is what Brymn is wearing now. A mish-mash of things acquired in past lives without a specific plan in mind, with several duplicated and/or useless attributes:

Brymn's gear
A mishmash of randomly acquired items possessing zero synergy

Some of the items, like the shield, would be nice on another character, but do little for Brymn. Some of the items are there just because something has to go in that slot. Only one of the items – Halcyonia – strikes me as actual end-game gear for a tankly healer.


Please feel encouraged to throw out suggestions. If the tank/healer thing is too confusing, then just tell me what a modern tank is wearing. I’ll figure out how to layer in the healing capabilities on my own.


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  1. “omg, liek srsly, do u even gear, bro?”

    I’M SORRY! Someone had to say it.

    Maybe not. I apologize.

    (slinks back to his coffee)

  2. On a more serious note, what do you have slotted for augments?

  3. You may – MAY – have me beat when it comes to duplicate effects. One thing’s for sure, you’d have to break a lot of gear before you’d need to worry about not having a deathblock item! πŸ˜‰

    For starters, I’d try to slot wizardry, PRR/MRR, and, yeah, deathblock if you have the available slots. The PDK shield is nice, though Even’s rather fond of her Terminus. She’s also wearing (something) of the Celestial Avenger for armor. Haven’t made any LGS yet because I am lazy… might want to look into that.

    Actually an ordinary GS con-op item might not be terrible if you can slot a duplicate effect somewhere else. +6 to Cha skills for intim, maybe wizardry or HP as well.

  4. Personally, I’d chuck Guidance of Shar first thing. That blind effect drives me batty – plus you can get better with the Epic Token of the Proven (25% Lesser Displacement) and a few more duplicated effects.

    If the gloves are doing nothing for you, the Iron Mitts from e3BC are always solid for fleshy toons, if nothing else, retarded heal amp and 40 HP. And a colorless.. Pretty sure what you have trumps the STR and Resistance effects. But better than Useless Gloves of Useless.

    If you still have the default augment on the boots (Intimidate +13) then ditching the necklace isn’t going to hurt much; perhaps score a Wizardry of Insightful Evocation in its place?

    You can never go wrong with an Epic Jeweled Cloak for bonus elemental resists, spell absorption, and two slots. Probably much more functional than a few extra hit points, if that’s all the GS is doing.

    Barring any other option for the secondary ring, the guaranteed drop Guardian’s Ring from Epic What Goes Up provides a +24 PRR/MRR, Strength (pointless), and a green slot. If thou art to tank, one must PRR crank.

    • What are required AC & prr levels for LH tanking? And just out of a morbid curiosity, LE?

      • As ridiculous as it may sound, 200+ AC is generally what you’re aiming for. My Vanguard Hate-Tank has a 231 AC with 198 PRR, 20% Perma-Blur, 10% Ghostly, and 10% Dodge (Dwarven Armor Mastery ftw). With those values, he can quite comfortably tank in LH – within reason, obviously – as I don’t think anyone can *traditionally* tank an Angry LE Sor’jek Incanni atop his mountain for any extended duration. Those 5,000+ HP swings are just too much to absorb with any real frequency, even with -71% physical damage. Although, he’ll still be alive after one swing, just hurtin’ pretty bad.

        Also, if you’re trying to crank things, I forgot to mention the Epic Lion’s Mane as a tasty option for the necklace slot.

  5. PRR with extra PRR and even more PRR. Make sure you’re proficient with the armour and shield or you don’t get the PRR benefit. And MRR just for good measure. It’s crazy that these stats skew your survivability so much, but there you are. We swapped AC as the must-have attribute to a different must-have attribute while at the same time reducing the effectiveness of that must-have attribute because …… just because. You want perma-blur item (lots of options) and 10% incorporeal and HP HP HP.

    There is no upper limit on PRR and HP, just keep piling it all on from every source you can get. Whenever people ask about HP I always trot out my max HP build from a while ago (would be higher now but not got around to redoing it) https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/457573-7447-HP-Buffed – it’s a smelly dwarf, but the accent in your head makes up for the loss of halflingness πŸ™‚

  6. What about Epic Gauntlets of Imortality and
    Epic Ethereal Bracers would give +11 to dex not great but Riposte 9, deadly 10 speed 14 and feather falling

    • Riposte and deadly and not helpful to this build. Nor is DEX except for the occasional non-Evasion reflex save.

  7. Ok, this is by no means an exhaustive list, for every slot. What it is, is a bunch of new “best in slot” gear, or something with a unique bonus, otherwise difficult to obtain.

    For instance, Legendary Empowered Dragonscale, from Search and Rescue (Quality con +4, HP +68, along with extra fort saves, and fire resist that doesn’t stack with your boots) is probably going to be far and away your best choice for trinket as anything that runs the risk of being hit. If you manage to pick up the Earthen Mantle (quality wisdom +4, for net +2 vs halcyonia, and impulse 185 for extra oomph on your bladebarriers) first, then even better.

    To be non-redundant with your Halcyonia, and still benefit from the Mantle, consider the Panosophic Circlet from Memoirs for your SP discount item (10% efficiency, which is equivalent to the Halcyonia, but insightful potency +65 AND quality potency +15, so you don’t have to try to track down a bunch of different insightful spellpower items)

    For lesser displacement, you have four major options:
    EE Ring of Shadows (nice side benefit of also having ghostly, if you decide to change your armour)
    Epic Token of the Proven (also a trinket, and would conflict with the aforementioned dragonscale
    The Pendant of Quiet movement, which would cap what little dodge you can carry on your heavily armoured halfling
    Legendary Hypnotic Pendant which would have the upside of providing wizardy +371, and the downside of generating less threat from spells

    For shields, I’m quite enamoured with the Epic Shield of Tireless Aid from Devil’s Details as a Large shield (20% chance for 120 temporary hp, and 2% chance to self-cast a heal on hit. Also provides devotion, implement bonus, AND heal amp, with a green slot). Alternatively, you could run Fire on Thunder Peak until you get a Dethek Runestone… but that sounds like work. If you have tower shields, your only real choice given the lack of significant dps would be the Terminus raid shield.

    For your enhancement and insight bonus to specific stats, I highly recommend the new lootgen… +16 enhancement bonus, and +6 insight are numbers I have personally seen drop.

What do you think?

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