Dec 062010

Turbine’s 100,000 point contest has already had one success, sort of, in that it persuaded me to d/l the LotRO setup and try it out for myself.

Mawry Haversack, Hobbit CommandoShe’s the 100,000TP Hobbit! Or so I hope anyway 🙂

After a full day of downloads and updates, I finally created Mawry on Saturday and ran her up to 18th level. Here’s what I learned about Mawry Haversack, LotRO version:

  • Still badass, even in Hobbit format
  • Spends too much on armor dye
  • Runs very awkwardly, like a doughy three-year-old girl *

* Nothing against three-year-old girls. I had one once. She’s in her 20’s now and runs differently

I didn’t expect to be playing the game for an entire day. It was more fun than I thought, although I don’t see it holding long-term appeal for me.

Expect a full-on review in the next few days.

What do you think?

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