Hoarder! DDO-style

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Apr 262011

For the last few weeks I have been unwilling to sell off my usual quest-gotten vendor fodder. All of my characters are starting to feel the pain of carrying around an extra buttload* of otherwise useless weaponry.

* Technically, it is a Metric Buttload, for those who pay attention to such things

Update 9 is coming, Wednesday! And with it comes … well really a lot of things … but also, crafting!

I wanted to spend a couple of weeks on Lamannia figuring out the new system, but real life has had me by the short hairs. “No Lammania for you!” says real life, and who am I to argue?

Junk Lady
“Well look here, a +2 useless byeshk kama of nothingspecial, that’s what you were looking for, wasn’t it my dear …”

On the plus side, I will be figuring it out with my guild and without spoilers. But I like to know how things work: this time, I do not.

What little I do know comes largely from the research I did in early March for this post and for this post.

  • I know that one of the raw materials for the new system is your old weapons, through “deconstruction”
  • I know that you need Crafting XP to make anything useful
  • I suspect that deconstructing may provide XP, but even if not, it will certainly provide the crafting ingredients

I don’t know which weapons will be the most useful as deconstruction candidates, so I am stashing them all. I get a lot of weapons. Poor characters. They are all starting to look like the Junk Lady from Labyrinth, except with weapons instead of wicker chairs and stuffed teddy bears. I may have to stop questing altogether until after the patch.

So many weapons,
I’m heavily encumbered.

Yes, I’m a hoarder. But I hoard with a mission! Hope it turns out to have been worthwhile.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’d have given you 5 “stars”, but I read in your blog somewhere that “everybody” “always” give 5, so…

  2. Each power on a item gives you a deconstruct level. 5+ gives the most but it doesn’t seem to give that much more deconstructing 8 over 5. Keep any item with a metal property (such as silver) but metalline is not a property. It can be deconstructed.

    When you level up; look for cheap recipes.

  3. Deconstructing doesn’t give XP, but for the most part anything will give you mats, no matter how useless. (And I believe, but I’m not positive, that say, stunning +2 gives the same amount as stunning +10. Probably a glitch, though.)

  4. It would be most unexpected if Stunning +10 = Stunning +2.

  5. Crafting is cool, but I hate that I can’t take unwanted parts off cool ass weapons like I have a +1 Seeker (+10) Heavy Repeating X-bow of pure good I would love to chop off the +1 and and pure good then replace it with a higher plus and maybe deception or some other suffix rider. Also the fact that you can transmute the down and sideways but not up is kinda annoying.

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