Sep 292011

Mean Girls With Hats

Yaaaar! Back inta
tha Crystal Cove ye goes!

Stupid crazy week is not giving me time to write anything. Options are minimal. I could just stay silent (gasp!) but no, instead I’ll just throw all my normal bloggy thoughts into one poorly-written Topic Variety Packβ„’.

Crystal Cove is finally back

People on the forums are complaining that it is more difficult, but I had no issues taking a 14th-level wizard through it at CR 14. To be fair, those complaining are talking about running it at higher CR level. Yet still. It is only fun if it remains a challenge.

I had enough gems and crystals leftover from my last maniacal Cove obsession to make a Tier 3 Epic Ornamented Dagger and two Greater Cunning Trinkets in entirety. My new wizard wants a 16th-level Ornamented Dagger too, or I wouldn’t need to be running the Cove at all. Even so, I’ll only need two or maybe three Cove runs to get low-level gems, and then I am done with the cove. Again. Until next time πŸ™‚

Forty Tower of Despair runs do not guarantee you the ring you want

Although a +4 WIS tome makes for a decent consolation prize.

Still no word on changes to the Vitals bar UI

Just in case you are one of those – like me – who are keeping track.

A (rare) Brymn Sighting

Yaaar Brymn!
Avast! It’s Brymn!
Who let him in?

With healers so scarce these days, I had to dust off my own level 20 cleric and heal a guild run through The Shroud. As it turns out, changes to the Vitals bar were not relevant:

  • In parts 1 and 3 it is enough to stand there with radiance engaged
  • In part 2 I just throw up a blade barrier and jump around it in a circle, throwing Mass Cures and radiant healing blasts at intervals that seem appropriate
  • In parts 4 and 5 it is enough to just pick one meleer and spam mass heal

At no time did I pay attention to anyone’s hitpoints except my own, thus escaping the dreaded flashing color eye strain.

Only one person died, but then I had the very excellent healer Taea with me. I probably didn’t really need to throw any heals at all.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Brymn’s hat still looks like an airfoil…

  2. Jall did HER first Shroud the other night. Seemed strange to be running it as a healer rather than a pally. The sad thing was, it was a PUG, only one person I knew, and… I don’t really remember it. I really wanted to get her into a Shroud but I wish now I’d waited to run with a group of friends. I’m guessing it went OK, not too terribly awful or too amazingly great, or I’d remember more about it.

    And WHY, even with Quicken, does it STILL take her so damn long to cast a Mass Heal? She ran an elite DA after that and BARELY stayed afloat. I was sitting here yelling at the screen, “DAMMIT GIRL, STOP WAVING YOUR ARMS AROUND AND JUST FREAKING CAST IT!”

    @Comic: HEY! That’s the same hat Azida has (except she’s got the blingy one), and she looks really cute in it! πŸ˜›

  3. Gratz on the Shroud healing win Even! You don’t remember cause you were too busy playing the hit points game πŸ™‚

    @comic it is secretly an emergency parachute in case the guild airship has “issues”

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