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Mawry hits the wall
Has Mawry hit the wall?

Mawry and Majicka (a.k.a. me and my Gamer Girl) have been on a slow, somewhat grindy, quite thorough journey to play all of the quests and challenges in the game, on Elite, at level. We are going to earn 5000 favor even if it kills us.

And some days it does, just killing the hell out of us.

I am exaggerating a little. The fact is that we breezed through most of the Heroic content, rarely facing much of a challenge even on Elite. There were exceptions … Acute Delirium is tough for two people and a challenge for any sized party. Ditto In the Flesh. Then there is In The Demons Den. And the end fight in A New Invasion.

But with those exceptions (and a handful of others), we dominated everything Heroic. Everything.

But then we hit the epic levels and started running Epic Elite, and things got real. In a hurry.

Even though these are two competent characters, one a completionist, the other with several carefully-planned past lives, even so, once we hit levels 21 and 22 everything changed. And not for the better. Suddenly we were getting our asses handed to us, regularly.

Ugly. Very ugly. What happened?

We did some soul-searching. We dithered a little, wasting time and earning XP in wilderness areas, leveling up almost by accident as we traversed a handful of (profitable) Rares/Slayers/Explorers.

We got a little better. But only a little.

I noticed that Mawry, who was very well geared for a heroic character, had nothing on at all that was higher than min-level 18, and most of her gear was min-level 11-15. Huh. That seems relevant, no epic gear at all. Majicka was poorly equipped too, not as badly, she’s a caster and doesn’t need as much stuff, but still.

So we spent some time at the auction house. And stole some magic items from my other characters (sorry Chelena, I’ll return those boots and gloves, someday!). Still not well-geared, but better. Much better.

And then we noticed that we were both starting brand-new Epic Destinies. This is a harder puzzle to solve; Mawry is a much more resilient character when in Unyielding Sentinel. But she’s maxed it; if she spends all her time in that ED she will stagnate.

There is no perfect solution. We will just have to be aware of our ED level and be willing to swap into something stronger for quests that demand better performance, even at the expense of XP.*

* I think we still earn Karma, even when in an ED that is maxed. I am not sure of this, I find Karma to be a little confusing. But I think so.

And so with better equipment, another level, and a lot more planning and visualization, we hit Elite Unquiet Graves. We play smart, using terrain and agro management to minimize the number of foes we have to face at one time. And it works! We win!

Back into Impossible Demands. Since we bounced off of this once, I switch back to Unyielding Sentinel for this run, and am rocking 1100-some hit points. But we are new-and-improved in other ways too, Majicka is landing her Mass Hold Monsters and Otto’s Irresistable Dances. Mawry’s Multishot is the again fearsome weapon that I normally expect, clearing entire rooms whenever I toggle it on. Mawry’s hasted melee is more effective too.

Everything is better. We don’t have to use any cheese at all, we just take on the red-named priestess straight up. Boom! Victory.

Wall? What wall? We are a couple of wallbusters.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. That’s funny; just ran the Madness chains last night. [Lv 22 arti/fully geared/maxed Draconic Inc/5 ERs] Mostly farming for next TR these days, in this case the Parasitic Breastplate with Reflex +10 upgrade. I solo the whole King’s Forest chain on EH easily at lv 20, but after 45 min of Acute Delerium on hE (with dog, owlbear, hireling, 2 summons, web & slow traps) I gave up and watched The Blue Queen’s stream. πŸ˜‰

  2. You do still get Karma when you Epic Destiny XP is capped out.

  3. Destinies are a really big deal. I almost never take an off ED into an EE group, nor soloed an EE in a destiny I didn’t feel SUPER comfortable in. In their “native” EDs, I expect all my toons to be able to solo EE Rusted Blades and Impossible Demands the short-ish way, and without hires (’cause unless the hireling is being used as a lever-puller and NOTHING else, it’s not really solo *g*). Not easily, not painlessly, but no cheats like safe spots and re-entries.

    I’ll farm the crap out of stuff on EH if I want to level up an off destiny, but for most EEs, especially solo or shortman, I want my bread-and-butter ED.

    Congrats to Mawry and Majicka! πŸ™‚

  4. That’s why I don’t hit walls. Much painful. No fun. Instead, I hit people. Lots fun!

  5. Its interesting that you mention the gear situation with your characters. I’m in the same boat with the majority of my characters who are higher than level 20 and still working on gathering more appropriate level items besides that level 16 item they are equipped with.

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