Jul 172012
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Maybe more useful than first thought?

I’ve never purchased or used a Hireling Folder.

I was totally okay with that fact until this morning. Now? Not so sure.

My Gamer Girl and I were duoing the Harbinger of Madness series. We had a conversation about hirelings –

she wanted to bring Natasha Thorston because of her DV’s. I already had one contract for Natasha because of her Mass Deathward. We can’t both have her, and since I had only the one hireling, I won. My Gamer Girl pulled someone else out of her Hireling Folder and off we went.

It got me thinking. Why don’t I have a Hireling Folder full of contracts too? I am on my Completionist-To-Be, it’s not like I won’t have a use for multiple hirelings at multiple level ranges.

In the past, my thinking went like this:

  1. They don’t hold enough different kinds of hireling contracts
  2. It would take up a backpack slot
  3. I only need one hireling at a time, I can just buy it on demand
  4. Can’t buy Hireling Folders except with Turbine Points

We discussed this, my Gamer Girl and I, as we were hewing through pack after pack of Taken. She defeated my objections almost as quickly. First, she pointed out that folders come in different sizes and some of them can hold quite a lot of different contracts. I did not know that. Good bye objection (1).

Folder Stack Size Unique items TP Cost
Small Hireling Contracts Folder 10 2 95
Medium Hireling Contracts Folder 10 5 195
Large Hireling Contracts Folder 12 10 395
Huge Hireling Contracts Folder 15 20 595
Table taken from DDO Wiki
article “Hireling Folders

Next, she reminded me that the Onyx Panther takes up a slot but could instead be inside the folder, freeing up the folder’s slot. See ya later objection (2).

After the second quest in the chain, Natasha expired. We needed new ship buffs anyway, but I still had to run back to the Marketplace to get another contract. Not a huge problem, one extra zoning instance, but not as convenient as having a stack of Natashas at my disposal. And thus was objection (3) defeated.

Still have that last objection and it is a big one. If I could buy one with platinum I’d run out and do it right now. But I can’t.

How does one balance the convenience versus the Turbine Point cost?

In the words of King Mongkut of Siam, “Tis a puzzlement.”

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  1. What is 595 Tp? all the saved Tp from leveling up a TR?

    Quick maths, that is 25*23.8 or about the TP from leveling up a TR to cap….

  2. When the contract is in the folder does the timer pause when in a quest if the hireling isn’t being used? If it does that would be great. Say you run a 15min quest with a healer (45 min left on the contract)…next quest you would rather use a fighter type. If the timer continues to run on the cleric you will waste it’s time unless you drop it in the bank. That is my concern…

  3. Just wanted to know; can you drag contracts from the folder to hotbar? Or do they need to be in inventory when in use? Or perhaps only when summoning? thx ^_^

  4. Ah ha, the link you provided answered all my question, silly me ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. I have a medium hireling folder on most of my chars and like it. I bought the huge one on my first toon and never really use the whole capacity of it. Well, I might drop the low level hirelings left over from other chars there, but I’m kinda too lazy for this.
    To answer MarQuileth: no, the already started contracts won’t go back to the folder, so the timer will continue, in this aspect it makes no difference if you have it or not – don’t want to waste hireling time – have to leave it in a bank.

  6. I have a medium folder on Acanthia because the last time hirelings were on sale, I stocked up on them and needed a place to keep them. I don’t have nearly enough TP to keep a hireling folder on every toon, but yeah, if I could get them with plat, I definitely would. Better yet, make the folders BtA instead of BtC. I’d definitely buy the biggest one available and throw it in the shared bank so whichever toon needed a hire could grab one (or more).

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ All my toons (except the new one Jarvanna), has a small hireling folder. Why? Because there is a stupid bug that if u have more than one hireling in your backpack, they all expire at the same time, even if you only use one. I do, on occasion run chains (like tangleroot), so I buy more than one hireling before heading off, or I use one that’s partly used. I hate it when I expect to have a hireling and it suddenly expires, and the one that was my extra is gone too. So, usually I buy 2-3 hirelings, often 1-2 different ones (in case someone else happens to have the same hireling), and keep them in the folder. 95TP doesn’t feel like much, and the small one has been enough for me.

    I learned that you can bypass the bug by keeping any extras in the folder, already when running lower levels on Thaz. It also saves you plat, not wasting hirelings (unused hirelings that expire).

  8. DDOWiki quote: “Only Hireling Contacts without a countdown timer can be stored inside of a Hireling Folder: Hireling Contracts which have been used once being a 1-hour countdown timer and cannot be stored inside of a Hireling Folder (but can be stored in the Character Bank or Account Shared Bank if you want to keep the timer paused while going on other adventures).”
    My question answered…not for me.

  9. Micki, I am not familiar with that bug, have you tried reporting it? In Cannith I’ve never seen anybody complain about hireling contracts expiring while not started yet… The other day I had 3 contracts on a new char of mine and they ran out one after one, only after each one of them being started, giving me 3 hours of healing help.

    Yes, they are a bit expensive, I never buy them at full price, generally wait until there is a 20% discount.
    Yes, Evennote, it’d be fair if they were BtA… They could also have more options, like wide and large quivers. I’d prefer to have one with 5 stacks of 2-3 instead of one with 2 stacks of 10. We don’t normally stay long enough on a level to use more than 5 hirelings. 10 slots might be good only in the last few levels. And I like to have a variety of them as I can always count on someone in the party pulling out the same hireling I would have..

    Of course here communication comes to game. We (guildies, hubby and I) tend to ask our group members if they have a hireling, first to check if they haven’t forgotten and then to check if we have different ones. And then, if somebody does have to go and grab one, we tell them which ones we have and ask them to get a different one. This normally does the trick ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. As it turns out, hireling folders are 20% off right now.

    So I bought one for my completionist-in-progress Mawry.

    No regrets. Yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @Emmeliine, I need to check that they haven’t fixed it.

  12. I have a small one that initially semed sufficient one and a huge one which I sort of fell in love with towards the end of first life. I play solo a lot and tend to use hirelings (13th level wf wiz Barrage is possibly my favourite) and have never regretted the purchase. Except that I can’t ditch the small one in any way, tossing it outside bank/inventory won’t work, you just can’t delete it.

    But yes, a wide range of ready hires, is nice, I usually buy them in stacks of 5 and 2 different for each level.

    Hth. Niko

  13. Oh, and on Orien that countdown bug definitely existed before the big update a month ago and I haven’t seen any references of it having been fixed.

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