May 122010

My cleric said this in Tor last night, while he was standing in the box watching giant skeletons fail to hit me. Mostly fail, anyway.

What a difference a build makes! Last life, I got tells begging me to please not die in ToD part 3. Now I am getting unsolicited compliments.

Mawry is currently a Rog8/Rgr6/Mnk1. She is planning to take all of the rest of her levels in Rogue. She stands at 50AC before buffs – not great, but apparently enough for level 15. Nothing was hitting her even though she was playing at level (Gianthold Tor on hard is level 15 too).

She’s a DEX build but I have a decent collection of weaponry just from playing for so long. She will always have good DPS as long as she can swing fast and hit often. Both of which are a specialty of this build.

I am very much liking this. Now if only I could figure out a way to splash in a level of wizard … 🙂

What do you think?

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