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A One-Halfling Fashion Show

I have a problem. Not a bad problem, but more of a … quandary? A fashion quandary. Most of my characters have “signature” looks. Coin stands out with long red hair and bright blue dragonscale. Mawry has her commando outfit. Knicker Tan has her giant axes and starter rags. etc.

For years, Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling) has been wearing Deneith Heavy Chain (and later, Epic Deneith Heavy Chain) and that has been her look. But the look has worn on me; I no longer find it as fierce as I once did, especially since it became an armor kit, and later, part of the random loot-gen choices.

It is not bad. It is just not that great either. Not anymore.

I’ve been collecting armors, trying to find one that is a fitting replacement. And I have! Several. So many that I need another opinion. Or a couple hundred other opinions. Let’s have a vote! Are any of these worthy of becoming Chelena’s signature look?

Armor #1 Deneith Heavy Chain

Deneith Heavy Chain

Armor #2 Blue on Bronze

Blue trim on bronze platemail

Armor #3 Pink on Darkened Steel

Pink trim on darkened steel platemail

Armor #4 Purple on Bronze

Purple trim on bronzed platemail

Armor #5 Purple on Steel

Purple trim on steel platemail

Armor #6 Scales of Surety

Scales of Surety mithril chainmail from the Emerald Claw

I would have just adopted the Scales of Surety without even needing a vote – very colorful, different, and attractive – except they have a flaw, one that I fear would grow on me as time passes: the neck. When you wear this armor, it puts rust-red scales on your neck all the way up to the hairline. A goofy sort of neck tattoo. On a character with hair, or a helmet, it likely would not matter. But on Chelena it does. Check out the image at the top of this article if you are curious.

But I digress. Time to vote.

If you voted for choice 7, I’d love to hear your ideas on what she should look to wear instead! Fill me in! Comment away!

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  1. πŸ˜› I think they pink looks so awfully girly that I’d hate it on my toons.. so voted for it. XD

  2. Elocator’s Habilment plus a lucky green hat, for maximum fabulosity πŸ™‚ Or maybe starter rags & greatclub of the scrag to have that crazy shipwrecked barbarian look?

  3. I went with Scales of Surety. Like Elocator’s, it’s a pretty unique look, kind of like a armored tunic. If it matters, the Deneith Heavy Chain is always popular with me.

  4. Not sure exactly what you mean by ‘fierce’, you could always glamour a Rakshasa Hide.. lol. Based on what I think you’re looking for, here are a few suggestions: for 795 TP
    or if you’re looking to just tweak the look of Deneith Heavy Chain, is a good choice. Shows a little leg.. lol. That one goes for 895 TP.
    So if you have extra TP laying around, I would go with one of those. Compliments the look, I think.

    I REALLY like that once you buy a cos kit, it stays with you BTA now, and you can throw it on an alt, or change looks for a certain dungeon. In the old days it was on the armor itself. Ugh. The system is so much better now, especially since you’re shelling out quite a few TPs for it.

  5. dragon armor. not just a status symbol, but they look snazy too

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