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Boxes, boxes, everywhere a boxes
The glare off those things is so bright Ejecta has to wear shades

So I have this problem. It is a good problem to have, no doubt about it, a delicious dilemma indeed. But still, it exists.

My Gamer Girl – who is awesome, and yet at the same time, amazing – has chosen to mark the event of my birthing day anniversary with a gift. This does not sound like much of a problem yet, does it? Most husbands probably get a birthday gift from their wives. But wait.

It is the gift itself which is causing the quandary. Because this year, my birthday gift was two Heroic Otto’s Boxes and two Epic Otto’s Boxes. Apparently she bought the Turbine Points some time ago when they were on sale*, and had been hoarding them until last month when the boxes finally came back into the DDO store.

* Naturally, both sale points and Otto’s Boxes became available at the same time this very week! But that was certainly not something she could count on.

And thus the quandary. Tremendous character growth opportunities! Past lives! Epic past lives! Seriously bolstering for one or two characters. But which ones? And what bolstering?

I tried attacking the problem by figuring out which of my characters I would most want to be end-game capable. But I have issues with this, I can never pick just one or two. The best I’ve been able to do is a “heavy rotation“. And even that is seemingly not something I can really follow.

I have A.D.D. of the D.D.O. Or in shorter terms, ADDO.

My Gamer Girl suggested a different tack. Maybe I could figure out which past lives I would want the most, and the past life itself would determine who would get it. For instance, if boosting DCs seems like the right choice, then clearly I am talking about my wizard.

Which brought me to the real topic of this blog entry: heroic past lives and scaling.

Do they? In role playing games, character growth is all about incremental improvements. Get a little better here, and then later, do it again. Eventually, you end up pretty powerful.

But I am not certain that most of these past life feats count even as incremental improvements when compared to epic end-game requirements. I mean, 10 hit points? 10?

Although the wiki already has all of the various past life feats in tables, I find the way that they are organized to be confusing and hard to read. So I made my own.

In the following table, the “passive bonus” attributes are achieved automatically when you have that past life, and can be obtained three times. The “active feat” means that you have to select the feat (using up a feat slot) to get the benefit.

Class Passive Bonus Active Feat
Artificer +1 INT skills. +1 UMD. 15% chance to use rod/wand/staff without expending a charge. 10 uses of Enchant Armor or Enchant Weapons.
Barbarian +10 HP +20 hit points. +2 Intimidate. 1 use of Rage.
Bard +2 to saves vs. enchantments and illusions. +1 bard song. +1 CHA skills. +1 Enchantment DC. 3 uses of Inspire Courage.
Cleric +1 Conjuration DC. +1 Turn Undead attempt. +2 levels Turn Undead DC. +2 Heal skill. 5 uses of Cure Light Wounds.
Druid +2 minion ability scores. +2 elemental resistances. 3 uses of Flame Blade.
Favored Soul +1 spell penetration. +20 spell points. +2 Diplomacy. 10 uses of Avenging Light.
Fighter +1 attack. +1 tactical feat DC. +2 Intimidate. +1 Max Dex Bonus of armor and shields. 3 uses of (BAB=level and +4 attack).
Monk +1 damage. +2 Concentration. +1 step unarmed damage. 1 use of (evasion for 20 seconds).
Paladin 5% Healing Amplification. +2 Heal. 3 uses of Divine Favor.
Ranger +2 ranged damage. +2 elemental resistances. +2 Spot. 3 uses of Barkskin.
Rogue +1 sneak attack damage. +2 saves vs. traps. +1 to all skills. 3 uses of (+level to hide and move silently, +1 sneak damage per two levels, +1 sneak attack per four levels).
Sorceror +1 Evocation DC. +20 spell points. +10 spell points. +5 spell points per level after 1st. 10 uses random elemental ray.
Wizard +2 spell penetration. +2 Wand DC. +1 to all DC. 10 uses of magic missile.


And now I throw it out to you all. Which of these are worth having on an end-game character? Are there any at all that are worth having even if you are only going to take it once? Or do you need three past lives to really see any benefit?

To be frank, I do not see a single active feat that I would ever take on any character except the Sorceror feat which is just another stacking Improved Mental Toughness. And even that would only be on someone with plenty of feat slots to spare.

But maybe this is just me. What do you think?

And, hurry, would you? These Otto’s Boxes are seriously burning a hole in my pocket.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Dammit, I have felt this for ages. They are all “meh” . Consider this to be wholehearted agreement.

  2. Heroic Past Lives have lost their impact over time as as end game cap has gone higher. When the DDO cap was 20, things like a former Barbarian’s extra 10 hit points actually could make a difference in surviveability in an epic raid.

    As a rule, though, Heroic Past Life Feats make it easier to…. Surprise!…get more Heroic Past Lives! When working on a completionist, I stack Fighter, Monk, Barbarian past lives at the beginning, because those boosts make a clear impact when you wake up repeatedly on the beach with Jeets.

    The most important Heroic Past-Life feat for end game for any character? I would say the 5% healing amplification from Paladin past lives. All the others really depend on what type of character you intend to play – an end game cleric can benefit from piling up Cleric/Sorc/FvS/Wiz past lives a lot more than an end game Monk.

  3. Wizard is a very good bet for a number of characters, since spell pen will help to ensure a number of those no-save effects stick, like irresistable dance & PWK, and potentially save you a feat at the same time – also the selected feat is nice enough for the DC, but i use it more on my shiradi caster for the clicky which despite having limited uses, is a powerful10-missile volley to really maximise the chances of plenty of procs.

    Artificer passive feat could be very nice if you want UMD but don’t have it as a class skill, to get it to reliable levels.

    I’d say druid is a great bet for druids or artificers if you like to use your pet, summons & hires… it’ll stack with augment summoning feat & also the effect in the new Harper line so you could potentially have +15 to all stats plus extra fortification, HP etc. on them.. TBH that’ll probably merely make them useful in epics, but hey, heroics, +10 on your pet at level 1? Whooooo mamma they become godlike.

  4. ranger and monk stacked 3x are excellent, pally 3x is great on any toon, wiz/fvs for spell pen works very well for necro spells and mass holds, sorc for evo DCs is pretty much required for evo casting. ftr 3x is great on a tactics build, and the atk, as BonnieBew pointed out, really helps some builds early. Arti good for umd/trapping. Rogue is ok for saves vs traps on low reflex builds. Barb sucks. You’re totally right. But as far as active feats are concerned monk active feat is good for unarmed builds not in earth stance. Wiz for a dc, cuz when you’re talking DCs on EE..EVERY LAST ONE you can get counts, including completionist and even the bard active feat on enchanter builds. One of the most effective casters i’ve seen is an enchantment based pure sorc, twisting sense weakness and bursting a room full of held mobs, in the “end game” EEs. Taking one of any life is…uneventful. Good luck and happy bday!!!

  5. LOL, what a good problem to have!! I agree with the others, it will just depend on what you want your character to focus on but I can see them all being somewhat useful at higher end game in certain aspects. The real question I guess, is what “aspect” are you looking to improve?

  6. Ranger is great for any ranged toons, monk is ok for any dps toon, paladin very helpful for any character, sorc is great for any evocation caster and druid is great if you are going to use hirelings. All the other ones, including all the actives, seem like so much “meh” to me. Artie is good for umd and spellcraft, I guess.

  7. So, instead of thinking about which past life you’d most ‘like’ to have, think about which past life you’d most like ‘not’ to have to grind out…. those are perfect for boxes.

    As a triple completionist and now an epic completionist, I have done them all… more splash and multi-class than anything. I used ONE box in all those lives, for a barbarian life. Don’t regret that for a second. Now I miss the heroic stuff a bit, but epic lives are fun, too.

  8. I have to disagree on your assessment of Healing Word. It grows with the character, and by epic levels, is essentially five free Heals per rest, hitting four 200-400hp easy.

    Also, for monk characters, Disciple of the Fist adds a pant-load of damage at early levels, and stays true throughout epic. My monklerics use both to wicked effect.

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