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I have been playing this game since the start of F2P and there are still some Heroic quests I have not had the pleasure of doing.  Two of them up to a few days ago where the Master Artificer and the Lord of Blades.

Patrick over on DDOCast always talks about how great a raid boss the Lord of Blades is and having done the raid I would now agree.  Though fighting two warforged titans in the Master Artificer is pretty cool too!

After 6 manning the raid on HE with toons between level 20-24 and having multiple deaths in both it makes me wonder how extreme these really were when they first came out.

Many of the higher level raids people take for granted today, even The Shroud, used to be real butt kickers requiring good teamwork and following orders.  A real challenge!!

This life I took part in an at level pug Shroud on Elite, short manned one slot, with one healer and we completed!!  With the current state of the game many players included myself will never know how tough some of the quests used to be.  Most had to or were just a real A** Whooping!!

Instead of the BYOH lfm’s that abound today, maybe we need to start posting up first life toons only, no epic or heroic past life feats allowed…..

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  1. Give permadeath a try, for a nice challenging change of pace 😀

    And I have to agree – the Lord of Blades is, thus far, my favorite raid boss by a long shot.

  2. I don’t know how it is on other servers, but on Orien, trying to get a group together to run raids at level means waiting a very long time, and by that time you would have lost some of the ppl that first joined.

    I posted for shroud, max level 20 a year or two ago, and we waited about an hour to have enough ppl for it. Right now you might wait as long just to fill your party. Most ppl just short man.

  3. Dude, you cannot imagine. Both of those raids would completely kick your ass if you did anything wrong at all. We used to have to build characters specifically to fill roles in certain raids – someone who could kite the (green? I forget) titan in MA, someone who could tank Sully in Vision of Destruction, someone who could handle the shadows in Tower of Despair, etc.

  4. LoB is a fantastic raid boss, but those titans are also top notch. Playing dodgeball with purple was always fun. When house cannith was end game the tactics and builds it generated was the peak of such things in DDO as we tried to figure out just how to make these raids smoother and less painful.

    Fun fact, House Cannith raid bosses were so good in fact that it was probably one of the things (along with ToD) that brought S&B to the forefront of player discussion (griping) and in turn really kicked off the changes that have been coming ever since as S&B became more viable.

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