Hero of Great Renown

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Jun 242014

Kitalea the Druid
Kitalea: Freezer Burn druid and wicked-good guild leveler

So there I was late Sunday, puttering about from character to character, playing the inventory game, updating auction items and so forth, when suddenly
Our guild leveled from 65 to 66.

Nice! My Gamer Girl, who was sitting right next to me, was involved in acquiring renown so this was not a huge surprise, but still, We were only about halfway to 66; this is a quite impressive amount of renown to be gained in such a short time.
Our guild leveled from 66 to 67

What? How? Sputtering in amazement, I turn to my seemingly magical Gamer Girl to see just what she is up to; clearly I have not been paying close enough attention.

As it turns out, she is in the final stages of executing a complex, multi-week plan. If only I was a better listener I would have known this.

  1. Run every saga in the game on Elite but don’t turn them in
  2. Wait for a Guild Renown Bonus Weekend
  3. Buy and imbibe a potion of Guild Renown from the DDO Store
  4. Run around and turn in all of the sagas at once, choosing Guild Renown each time

Wow. That was a ton of work, but what a payoff!

Such forward thinking! Such discipline! Such amazing!

But even with the clever planning, how did all that up to two+ guild levels? That is over a million renown! Examining the math, it appears that she was being rewarded with about 11 renown for every 1 renown she earned

It is the power of multiplicative modifiers. First the renown potion multiplied the base reward by … 300%? They say only 200% so am not sure about this. But then, the result was multiplied again by the Bonus Weekend, another 30%. And then all of that was more than doubled again as our small guild bonus kicked in.

Multiple multipliers, effecting the total product in sequence.

And that is how 1 renown becomes 11, and two characters’ worth of saved-up sagas becomes a million+ renown.

But it took my Gamer Girl to crack this case and figure out how to min/max the whole thing, on her own, without any help whatsoever. So impressive she is, and all mine!

Meanwhile, all she gets out of our deal is a guy who listens poorly and is constructed mainly out of annoying habits and bad manners.

I am such a lucky dude.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice one, Gamer Girl!

    (All you people in my guilds, don’t ever expect me to put anything like that much effort into renown gathering, wasn’t level 20 more than enough for that dinghy?!?)

  2. The best I’ve ever planned Pales before her Master plan. πŸ˜‰ prepped the Orchard to 2990 kills, Giant Hold saga ready and slayer zone to the 700s x3. Drank a BIG xp pot a few seconds before the end of Coal then ran around collecting EXPERIENCE! Before returning to finish fast circuit of the Vale. But that was all about ME. You might find this tidbit useful; the game makes an item perfect for men(like you). It’s called a Mummified Bat. It’s soft and fluffy and cute. It has Listen:10 and Spot:10. Listening is self explanatory but the spot will definitely help you with picking up on those little cues that scream “something’s up!”

    • Sorrowdusk has some of the best items, I love the Bubble Belt, Epic Bubble Belt would perhaps be the best item in the game (if it weren’t for the fact that would imply the existence of the Epic Mummified Bat!)!

  3. That is fantastic. Didn’t know you could stack multipliers like that. Makes me wonder what else you could do this on.

  4. How to Farm Renoun

    Here is a link to a post I made in another thread:


    I don’t do it very often, but I do farm renoun.

    Why? Because you could level a guild high enough for a ship chest, which is additional storage. Its easy to favor farm for Turbine Points to get a Guild Charter (150 TPs) Of course the last update was a game changer regarding guild storage. I wish I had the plat to stock up on ship chests for my guilds before we can no longer buy them.

    I farm renoun in 2 ways. I will que up a bunch of sagas and turn them in (pop pot b4 turn in). Or you can run 1-3 epic saga chains an night for comms and renoun. There are several popular circuits. There are some roads less traveled that are good too.

    The second way is to farm quests. Farm quest at level or below. I recently moved 2 toons out of one my guilds and the guild took a hit in renoun. I used the free pots that we got a few weeks ago and this weekend’s boost to renoun. I lost about 4 levels moving those toons and I made them back last night. I used small guild bonus to my advantage as well.

    I took 3 Level 2-3 toons and ran Haverdasher on Hard to ransack (2 chests plus quest turn in for renoun to drop). Got my levels back no problem. I used Haverdasher for quick turn and burn to get the most out of the free pots. I have multiple accounts, so I was able to use 3 free pots from the free deal of the week.

    There are clusters of quests throughout the game the can be farmed fast for renoun while at, or under level. You would like a 4 min or less completion time and quests with lots of chests to get the most out of your pots. I run without pots for the most part unless they are free. I get nice renoun from sagas as well, so I don’t sweat the pots. I do renoun farming without pots and don’t mind.

    If you get 2 or 3 buddies to do this with you on a regular basis (sagas and quest farming) you can level a guild very fast.

    Happy farmin’


    • Yeah, up until U22, I would farm heroic sagas for renown. Alas, the current change to “only one heroic saga turn-in per heroic saga per life” restriction really sucks.

  5. I have a funny feeling I might have to plan something out more like this in the future as we keep creeping up higher in guild levels as well. Excellent job by your gamer girl!!

  6. Our teeny guild did the saga thing during the renown bonus weekend – saved up all our sagas, drank renown pots, went on turning-in sprees. Slvr and I both had multiple toons with multiple sagas to turn in (I think I had at least six different toons turning ’em in; Slvr had several as well, and I think Sadie may have turned a few in) – with the bonus going on, and renown pots, and our guild bonus, we went from mid-62 to mid-65. In one weekend. Helped that at least a couple of those toons had chosen not to take the Impressive Trophies and Legendary Victories in various end rewards until the bonus weekend as well. It was pretty darn awesome. πŸ˜€

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