Jun 272013

How to (Not) Die in DDO

I needed to find a place to blog so that I could get random thoughts out of my head and and inflict them on an unsuspecting world.  Geoff has graciously offered me and many of the myDDO diaspora a home. Thanks again mate. I started blogging on myddo a while back, but became frustrated since you could not blog by character, and my characters often shoed up as outdated because they were usually deleted and rerolled versions that the myddodatabase did not know how to handle. So here we go. Assuming this test post works, my next post will be the first installment of of my blog concept “How to (Not) Die in DDO!”   Evwebtually, my plan is to record some of these thoughts for a segment on DDOCast (Thanks Sig and Anne for continuing Jerry’s great work)…But one thing at a time…need to get the hang of this blogging thing.  Hopefully this works. Blessings to all.

IXOYE –JAFSupO aka Wyldthing of the Sublime Permadeath Guild on Thelanis

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  1. Hullo jaff! Welcome to the circus! Ermm… Family… 😉

  2. Hooray! Welcome!

  3. Welcome to DDOGamer!

  4. Welcome mate!

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