Hello Carolina

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Feb 242012

The last load from the last trip is unpacked; Hampton Roads is permanently in my rear view mirror. I am free to focus on returning my NC country house back into the home it ought to be.

Things I will miss from my five-year part-time stay in the Old Dominion:

  1. Ability to see my daughter any time
  2. My friends Daniel and Ed
  3. Most of the other people I worked with over the last five years. Not all, but most 🙂
  4. View of the river outside of the apartment window
  5. Ann at Sports Clips – the only person in my adult life who could make my hair look great every time
  6. The Chinese massage store in the Macarthur Center
  7. The Emerson cigar store at Greenfield
  8. Cheap gas

And nothing else, nothing at all. Bye Virginia. It’s been real.

No offense meant to anyone who loves VA. I’m sure in many ways it is a fine place. It just turned out to not be my personal cup of tea.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. ♪♪ In my mind I’m going to Carolina. / Can’t you see the sunshine, / Can’t you just feel the moonshine, / Ain’t it just like a friend of mine? / It hits me from behind; / Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind. ♪♪

  2. you went south I went north but Va had one thing we can agree on, Cheap gas.

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