Heavy Rotation

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Jul 142014

Heavy Rotation
As close to having a “main” as I am able to get

I have 19 characters on my main server. I have other characters that I also like on other servers, three in particular (characters not servers), but dozens in total. Dozens of characters.  I could not play them all even if I did nothing else all day long.

I used to try to play them all but I’ve long since given up. Instead, I try to give each one a unique niche, and when that niche is needed, well, there I am, all ready with a character to fill it.

Thus I have an end-game raider, a couple of 20th-level epic introductory characters, a high-level heroic crowd controller, a couple of healers at different heroic levels, a lowbie, etc. Etc. Etc. 19 total characters on one server, each there to support whomever needs supporting in whatever they might be doing.

But sometimes I want to be the one doing the doing. Progress. Striving to meet goals, that kind of thing. Except even there, even on that one simple thing, even there I am unable to focus. Apparently. Because I have three projects and am slowly, incrementally, working them. All three of them. At the same time.

Thus, heavy rotation. Yes it would be much more efficient to just pick one thing and work it to completion but I am just not built that way. In fact, I am probably defying my nature to some extent by only having the three projects.

  • Mawry Haversack: having completed completioning, now completing all of the quests in the game for 5000-favor-related reasons
  • Sparksy Haversack: this wasn’t supposed to be a project at all but my Gamer Girl needed someone to accompany her as she re-leveled her Freezer Burn druid and Sparksy’s number came up. So now she is a project too, going from theory-crafted Spell Tinker build to end-game practicality
  • Oriental Adventures: having developed the “fastest fists in the west” build, I now want to see it in action through all the levels

Mawry and Sparksy are both working in conjunction with my Gamer Girl; Oriental gets the nod on those occasions when I am advancing by myself. Not all that common of an occurrence, I strongly prefer duo-ing with my babe to soloing with myself.

But then, who wouldn’t?

But I digress. This is not about my Gamer Girl nor about how lucky I am to have a partner in DDO and in life that is the same person, but rather is about my “main” character(s).

Which I have to put in quotes because even if I call them “main” I don’t treat them like a “main”. Other people I know have a true “main” and play them exclusively (or nearly so). All of those characters are well-geared and well-played, every nuance explored, their owner’s play style refined to maximize whatever it is that the character does.

Not me. I hop from character to character so often I can barely remember where their Heal buttons are. They all have one. Somewhere. I think, just give me a minute … I know it’s here somewhere …

[DING] your character has died. Again.

Too late.

I end up playing them all similarly, simply because I don’t spend enough time on each one to develop play styles to match their strengths and weaknesses. Thus my artificer spends too much time closer to the bad guys than she should ever be. My ranger confuses good times to range with good times to melee. 17 Monk finishing moves? Aint nobody got time for that.And my monk, my poor monk, forgets any special attacks other than Fists of Light. Because monks have so many attacks and who has time for that?

I don’t deserve such an awesome monk build, I really don’t. It belongs with someone who will play it properly and use all of its coolness. Not me, I just mash Fists of Light over and over and hope no one notices my lack of usefulness.

And so it is with all of them, even the ones in heavy rotation. Well-built but poorly played, often dead, rarely living up to their potential.

So next time you see me in a PUG, and there is my soulstone – again – know that I am not a newb (or even a noob) and I don’t need to learn to play. I just need to learn to play one character.

See? It’s not my fault. Not hardly at all.

That is my story, and I’m sticking to it.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Ahh the perils of being an altaholic 🙂 I have about 7 characters that i use regularly depending on my mood, then another dozen or so which includes a couple of failed attempts (now used as banks) & a few that i simply don’t enjoy so much any more but can’t bring myself to dispose of them because hey, they have a raiders reward box & stuff!

    Generally what happens is i spend a while focussing on 1 character then will switch to the others from time to time.. at the moment i’ve been focussing a lot on my swashbuckler, previous to that it was the Gimpiest Healer On Thelanis (TM).

  2. Your problem is my advantage (and curse). Since 80% of all my characters are Monks, I’ve come closer to mastering most of the finishers and special abilities. But I’m still button-mashing from time to time because it’s the player’s skill and not the character’s ability that must rise to the sudden changes that a quest can throw at you. Many finishers had an esoteric role-play element to them that required the one thing most parties and some enemies aren’t going to give you in order to apply them: time. But when you can apply them, it’s all good. My time of late is learning to identify when such opportunities arise, but this then conflicts with playing in-party since They Ain’t Time for That.

    The downside, as you’d guess, is that my lack of experience with many other classes, especially arcane, means that I don’t know what to press or what to train properly without a lot of resource and practice.

  3. I feel your pain, I don’t have a main (per se) either, and I especially love forgetting that some of my characters have healing/finishing moves/something amazingly useful on a quickbar … somewhere.

    I also have a bad habit of playing my characters as if they’re all level 28 monks, not everyone is an indestructible dodging stunning whirling fists of fury halfling of destruction (my poor 2 levels of swashbuckler I just rolled, knows all about that).

    On top of all those monk ki-strikes, and finishing moves, there’re ED clickies, oh Lordy! This game can become a button mashing nightmare.

  4. Great topic!
    I’m in the “one character exclusively” camp, with the exception of a pacifist bard Chronicle reporter. For me, my one toon is my project, accumulating PL’s for….some purpose lost to time. I love trying new classes with new lives and exploring all the options. That essentially cured my DDO alt habit because whenever I do roll up a new toon it’s so painfully slow and weak!
    Unfortunately, this means i rarely have a toon in the range of others and no one parked at high level for that stuff. Each time around I think “this time I’ll leave Schir up there and start someone new.” Then I imagine a new build for her and it’s off to Kruz, or now the Hall of Heroes.

  5. Wow, your alt-itis may be worse than mine!

    I have 15 characters on Thelanis, all but one of whom get reasonably regular play although Acanthia and Even are my co-mains, and one on Cannith who gets fairly regular playing time. And then there are the 30-odd others scattered across various servers… I feel really, REALLY bad for neglecting them, but I’d need a time machine to do them all justice.

    I like having the diversity. Whatever style I feel like playing, I have someone to fit. And it gives me ample opportunity to experiment with builds and gear.

  6. I have about 6 or so that I play 2 of which are at level cap, one being a FvS and the other a Halfling Rogue. I have a Monk who sits at level 16 all the time because he is used for farming House C challenges and as it so happens it means that I can help guildies through Gianthold and the Vale of Twilight when they are in level range.

    I have a 21 Drow Wizard (epic challenge farmer) and a low level Monk which I am not sure yet if I will keep, and then add to all of that I have 4 or so mules for storage.

  7. I actually may be worse than you as my alts on Ghall number 25. One is a low level rehash to bash out guild renown but I have a potential completionist and all of a sudden loads of others. I have a version of gamer girl but we are long distance relationship so we only game a couple of times a week and work round her mood which means either Sorceress or Ranger but I run different support depending on quest which is where a lot of the toons came from. Then add that I had a mad phase of wanting to start epic with a few guys and all of a sudden I am filling 25 character slots.

    On the upside if I go on and I see an interesting PUG I always have someone to play or else it is boost the guild of two and working my second epic to cap, If you see a Grouse on Ghall that is me or my lovely lady,

  8. *sneaks in with Beach Sandals of Stealery +5 and makes a grab for the meme*

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