Heavy Lifting

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Sep 082014

Heavy Lifting
Seven tabs of backpack – 175 items – with room to buy more from the DDO Store

I noticed something the other day. I’ve noticed it before, but for some reason, it stood out this time as more remarkable than usual. Which is odd, now that I am noticing it, it really is quite remarkable, and always has been.

It is Mawry’s amazing and never-ending backpack. She is up to seven full tabs of backpack so far – 175 items! – but that is only the beginning of the story. Other bags and containers only count as one item, even though they can hold many more than that. Cargo space carrying additional cargo space. It is never-ending. Even though it seems to be about 1’x1’x4″ when viewed on Mawry’s back.

If I do somehow run out of all this, I still have the DDO Store, which is willing to sell me even more of these quantum-fold container spaces. Another 25. At least.

Yes, it is magic, I get that, it doesn’t have to make sense. Crass rules like “common-sense” or “physics” need not apply. But still. If you have ever gone on a multi-day backpacking trip you can appreciate how important the inside of your pack is; space is so precious, every choice matters.

But not Mawry. Want to carry around 1000 of every kind of gem? Just in case you might want them with you someday? Throw them in. How about several hundred (or more) of each crafting ingredient? Hey, could come in handy! Now let’s add a couple dozen weapons so we have the perfect fit for every encounter, two or three versions of each piece of jewelry and clothing, maybe a couple of (entire) spare suits of armor.

And that only fills the first three panels.

But the never-ending space is not the weirdest part of this picture; not even close. No, the weirdest part is Mawry’s carrying capacity. 11,970 pounds! Nearly six tons! Mawry is a halfling who stands … maybe …. four feet tall and probably weighs under 100 pounds herself. But can carry 120 times her body weight.

Let’s put that into perspective, shall we? This means that tiny Mawry can easily – and I mean easily, without breaking a sweat – carry four Ford Fiestas, four(!), and still have enough capacity leftover for all of those gems, weapons and armors, two or three riding lawnmowers, your entire game collection, and all of your in-laws, even your incredibly large sister-in-law.

You know, just in case you happen to need a spare suit of armor or Ford Fiesta or large sister in-law.

For those of you on the metric system, this converts from (four Ford Fiestas with a ton leftover) to (several metric buttloads).

One little halfling
carrying six tons of stuff.
My own tiny Hulk.

Even weirder, Mawry isn’t my strongest halfling. I can’t imagine needing more capacity than 6 tons, but hey, maybe someone doesn’t want four Ford Fiestas. Maybe they want to move up to full-size sedans.

Chelena? Got a moment?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Forum user Fedora1 wanted to post this:

    According to the DDO wiki, Eberron Halflings typically stand about 3 feet tall, and weigh only 30-35 pounds.

    But yeah, 6 tons is a lot. Not to mention the plethora of items. How about 4 quivers with 600 arrows in each? How about stacks of 100 potions? lol

    Yes, it makes no sense.

  2. I have to admit, I never really paid that much attention to the maximum load before, but that is interesting….four car’s worth of stuff…

  3. Going to send your hirelings a help request. Got a neighborhood to move.

    Yeah, the whole thing. We’ll leave the land. I’ll buy pizza or something.

  4. just last night some friends and i talked about carrying capacity, albeit in PnP. For instance, someone with strength around 18 can run a five minute mile while wearing full plate armor and carrying sword and board. i guess strength is the easiest of the stats to step back and take a look at, for reasons like these.
    so, yeah, when you think that score of 14 sucks, just think – even that is probably much higher than the average real-world comparison.
    Adventurers like us are (super)heroes with skills and abilities far beyond the ken of those NPCs milling about!

  5. *hugs bag of holding*

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