Nov 192009

I am rush-leveling my recently-reincarnated main who is (in this life) a Favored Soul. I join a group advertising Butcher’s Path elite.

Warning: not a healer” I post as soon as I am in the party.

Do you at least have the spell?” types the leader

Me – “Yes, I need to be able to damage undead

Leader – “How many spell points do you have?

Me – “For healing? none. Otherwise around 400.

Leader (to the group) “he’ll be able to heal us if we go slow

Fortunately an actual healer joined up to fill the last slot so we didn’t have to observe how this horrible experiment in miscommunication would end.

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  1. lol! I’m glad a healer joined =D I love miscommunications

  2. I think I will use that line on my FvS Healer Fatherguido Sarducci, “I can heal you guys if you go slow” it’s a keeper.

  3. I read that dialogue and laughed myself silly. It was either that or cry. People are…amazing. Using that logic, just think of the things that are possible if we “go slow”.

  4. Because there are alot if undead in butcher’s path?

  5. You expect him to switch out the spell and enjoy a three day lockout because a level 2 quest doesn’t have undead?

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