Jan 202014

Harbor at night
Stormreach Harbor at night

I stumbled across this lovely view during Mawry’s last trip through the Heroic levels: a beautiful from-the-water perspective of Stormreach Harbor.

You can swim around the harbor all day without seeing this. It is from the quest Blockade Buster, part of the Attack on Stormreach adventure pack. So nice. I think the view from What Goes Up is probably the prettiest set of images in the game, but this is right up there, somewhere in the top ten.

I made a GIF of course, because that is what I do now, although I couldn’t get one to include the water. Something about the water rendering looks fine in the AVI but gets all jittery and color-flashery when converted to GIF. So this is the best I could do:

Harbor Night

I made an HD version too, 1920×1020, but it is 90 meg and I am not going to inflict that on anyone that doesn’t specifically ask for it. I’m not even certain I can upload it, one would need the thickest and most robust of internet tubes to attempt the upload or download. Whereas I live in the middle of nowhere, NC and have the most tenuous and redneck of internet tubes, one that complains constantly and leaves me feeling privileged when I am able to complete a DDO gaming session without issue.

But this is not about my connectivity, or my lack therein. This is about the beautiful view I found by surprise the other day. I’ve run that quest so many times, but somehow, I never noticed.

And that is one of my favorite things about this game. It is so rich and detailed and lovely that one can discover beauty anywhere, unexpectedly, even in quests that one has run to ransack over and over.

Like a mountain trail,
look in any direction:
Loveliness awaits

Normally we look towards our opponents and watch the monsters. But sometimes all you have to do is look up, or look down, or turn around.

And there it is.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I wrote half a novel for a comment, then changed my mind. So the TLDR: Yay DDO

    Geoff, massage those cables, let the electrons know you care.

    Didn’t the harbour beam used to be yellow, well, more yellow?

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