Mar 032015

Happy Greensteel Day!
Is that a matched set of Lightning II greensteel weapons?
Or are you just happy to see me?

There are two milestone days when you are leveling a character. Just to be clear, by “leveling” I mean actually running quests for experience. I do not mean clicking on a stone and jumping up 3.5 million XP.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not what I am talking about. No, this is about leveling the old-fashioned way. Bonebite’s Hideout. Waterworks. Tear of Dhakaan. The VONs. Etc.

Actually questing.

But I digress: back to the milestones. There are two of them:

  • The day you hit level 12
  • The day you hit level 20

Level 20 is an awesome milestone because it means transitioning into Epics. You can Heroic TR again if you like. You’ve beaten the heroic levels, and entered a whole new way to play. A very dramatic change, and one that I look forward to achieving every time I create a character, or play one of my old alternates, or re-reincarnate one of my main characters.

Level 20 is a form of victory and it feels victorious. But in some ways, level 12 is even better. Because for characters that have reincarnated, level 12 means I get to go to the bank and take out that character’s green steel weaponry.

Ahhhhh. Greensteel.

Suddenly, my character that was already pretty good is great! Suddenly I am one-hitting some things, and easily carving through others. Suddenly, quests that were hard, aren’t! Suddenly, my little character is a super-powered superstar, blowing up everything that is silly enough to get in his or her way.


Last night was Greensteel Day again for Mawry who has been assiduously working her way back through the heroics after adding some Stone of XP-fueled past life feats. Mawry is an old character, and was around back when the Shroud was the end game. She spent a lot of time in there and has a lot to show for it: four dual-shard greensteel rapiers (Lightning, Mineral, Radiance, Vacuum) and three matching short swords (Lightning, Mineral, Vacuum).

That is a whole lotta firepower, coming online all at once.

‘Ware Evil Doers!
Mawry is coming for you
packing greensteel heat

I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy right now.

Happy Greensteel Day Mawry!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. 1) what about lvl 11 Greensteel accessories? ConOp or Double positive?

    2) Since greensteel does evil damage shouldnot it be ” ‘Ware Good doers? “

  2. Said it before & will probably say it again… Ooze 2 repeaters on an arty with augment summon, harper tree & maybe some druid past lives too – fear the squelchy hordes!

    A couple of other, lesser milestones:

    Level 5 – pale lavender ioun stone, vibrant purple ioun stone to double your SP pool on casters. Also, other nice stuff like chronoscope gear, deneith heavy chain/docent, jidz for monks.

    Level 8 – greensteel, for those lucky few who got them in the very, very early days

    Level 14 – Dragonscale armour – stands out for me particularly since i have a heavy armoured druid, my plate makes me feel safe πŸ™‚

    • Please elucidate: I have some of the oldest green steel in the game (tied for oldest?) and it is all min level 12.

  3. One of my guild mates has a Level 8 Greensteel Item, so they are out there.

  4. I completely believe all of you. However, there are words that were created for this exact situation, and they are:

    “screenshot or it didn’t happen”.


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