Feb 282017

Happy Birthday DDO!

Another year, and somehow the game marches on. New owners, new company, new attitude. Same old quests and bugs.

That’s our game; the Energizer Bunny of MMOs.

In honor of the anniversary, Standing Stone has turned the Anniversary Challenge Quest back on, with slight modifications. Cordovan is now a beekeeper, I am sure there are reasons for this, but I cannot imagine what they might be. They’ve also brought back an old favorite – a slice of birthday cake – which you can get by following the instructions here.

Or, if you are too good for instructions (and who isn’t), just enter HAPPY11TH as a coupon in the DDO Store. You may only have two per account so if you are on multiple servers, make sure you are where you want to be when you redeem the offer.

The birthday cake is not a lie. Click it and it opens to reveal a selection of interesting Heroic magic items, any one of which can be yours, ranging from super-low level gear like the Dagger of Inquisition all the way up through 19th level and Lucid Dreams.

There’s something for everyone, or at least, everyone <= 20th level. Probably Carnifex is the hardest item in the list to just loot, but also the least useful – Keen is not as unique as it once was. The Bow of Sinew is probably the most effective item in the list, purely from a DPS standpoint, either that or Dreamspitter, while the Shard of Xoriat is the most fun and probably also the easiest to loot.

As for me, my characters are generally well-equipped when in Heroic levels from the years of playing when the level cap was 20. My weaknesses are in Epic gear, and there is no help for me in this year’s list.

But so what, it is all in fun, and I can always grind the Anniversary Challenge for another pair of Broccoli Bashers. And if there is nothing at all that whets your fancy, you can just take 100,000 XP. Experience is always in style.

Happy Birthday DDO! Eleven years!

Now that is something worth celebrating!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yep, 200,000 XP for an alt was very handy 🙂

  2. I’m actually leaning towards dual “Earthshatter Warhammers” – I have one on one server and boy is it handy for ‘rock-based’ mobs, like many of the ones found in the quest where it actually drops. Thought about the Shard of Xoriat, but yeah – that seems like a fairly easy one to get.

  3. I went for 20 Comms of Heroism. I added Phlebotomy to my main’s Needle, and added the first couple of upgrades on the short sword from the same quest. The name of it is evading me right now… I rarely get to play Fall of Truth, so the Comms were a good pick-up.

  4. actually the XP stacks with Experience Elixirs. Very nice going w/ Sovereign I 50% Elixir, that means 200,000XP = 300,000+ XP with guild bonus and trinket.

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