Dec 212016

Sometimes people do things that amaze you. I should specify that I mean amazingly good because it can go the other way, and often does. But today is not like that, not at all, today we celebrate something so amazingly good that I have to share.

Hand-made desktop Halfling Commandos. That are also Denver Bronco fans.

Halfling Commandos hair

Pretty frickin amazing, huh?

No question they are Halfing Commandos. The cloaks and hoods are perfect! And the dude absolutely has Halfling Commando hair.* Maybe they are on a quest to take the Super Bowl ring to Mount Doom? I dunno, but I love everything about them.

* To be fair, I didn’t know until now that there was such a thing as Halfling Commando hair. But I know now, without question. It is a thing.

Halfling Commandos and Denver Bronco fans. Quite the combination. I wonder how painful it must have been for their creator, working in Denver Bronco colors, even though she is a diehard Patriots person. I bet she felt that her hands were dirty in a way that just wouldn’t wash off. Denver Broncos dirty.

But completely worth whatever difficulties ensued; they are awesome indeed.

Kudos to GeekMom Judye. A most astonishing combination of craftsperson and friend.

Especially the friend part.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. It takes a real hardcore group to create voodoo effigies of each other. As if halflings don’t have a hard enough time of it, you’re now questing with jumbo pins protruding from you? I’m sure there’s some comment about “you may feel a little prick” that I could make, but luckily I managed to dodge that one.

  2. they are so cute.

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