Jan 222010

Coin is a 32-point build with maximized CHA that selects feats, enhancements and … well … everything … to increase Haggle as her top priority. In spite of this, she makes a pretty fair sorceror.
The high CHA also supports a high UMD. Her level of rogue eliminates the half-level cross-class skill limit on Haggle and UMD (she will finish with another rogue level at 20 for skills and evasion).

Her end-game DCs will not compete with a pure sorceror, so instead she focuses on nuking spells and CC. This requires her to “play from the front”, rather than sitting back behind the melees, and gives her an active playstyle that is a LOT of fun but also a LOT of deadly; poor Coin dies a lot.

She wears armor partly because no other casters use it but mainly to look as badass as her halfling sorcerorness allows. She likes to disable opponents and smack them down with dual puncturing shortswords (matching designer shortswords, of course!), unless she can just burn them down outright.

Coin lives on Sarlona but there is a version of her on every server; on some of them she has a level of Bard instead of Rogue. On some of them she is named Traveling Coin Serf. On all of them she is a redheaded halfling sorceror with maximized Charisma, Haggle, and Attitude.

One statement matters the most for this build: haggle 67 @ 17th level without bard songs or potions.

What do you think?

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