Oct 222012

Coin Serf, Hagglebot with Benefits

Haggle 71

This was going to be a post about how it is easier to accumulate platinum in DDO if you create and level a haggle specialist. And it does help, compare the broker price I am getting with by hagglebot Coin (above) who has a peak Haggle of 71, as opposed to my enchanter Ejecta (below) with a peak haggle of 9.

For years, I followed a policy of selling all of my goods through my hagglebot. Before there was Shared Bank, I would mail everything to Coin. Even after Shared Bank I would sometimes overwhelm my available slots and end up mailing items en masse. It was a clicky hassle, but worthwhile; my strategy enabled me to buy things that I didn’t have the loot luck to earn.* Not the very best items, those have always required more than just plat. But there are a lot of nice things that are very hard to loot but very nice to have.

* Which is fortunate since I have no loot luck whatsoever. In six years of trying (and I’ve tried! So many times!) I have never pulled a Bloodstone, Planar Gird, Royal Guard Mask, Ring of the Ancients or Firestorm Greaves. I once pulled a Ring of Spell Storing. Once. And that was that.

Ejecta Patera, good at many things none of which are Haggle

Haggle 9

My thriftiness sort of made up for my loot-lousiness. All of my characters that want these items have them, but they were all bought. I can’t buy anything I want whenever I want, but I can afford what I need if I am careful and don’t buy too much at the same time.

So today I planned to share how I manage my platinum so that you too could afford to buy something you need every so often. Except it occurred to me that this is probably not true any longer. For a few reasons.

  • The items that are desirable have changed. One can now easily craft items that contain many of the abilities that used to only be on these rare items
  • The economy has inflated to the point that the desirable rares now cost more than one can earn just by selling looted items
  • A lot more items now fall into the category of “can’t be bought for just plat” than used to be the case

So I am left with an article that wants to make a point but is no longer sure what point it wants to make.

What do you think? Is the DDO economy one that is still plat-driven? Are there any items left that are useful but hard to find and also reasonably available for reasonable amounts of plat?

Or is everyone really just way better off farming the Green Dragon for scales?

Inquiring minds want to know.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I think you used up all your Loot Luck when you pulled the Ring of Spell Storing 🙂

  2. There will always be things that you need to use Plat to buy. There for people will always use plat. Well until they change our currency again.

    But DDo (non AH DDo) is really a barter currency. Large scales were the thing, now it is epic scrolls whatever other items are hot right now.

    Me? I use plat for Heal scrolls, wands but mostly to buy things with large guild slots that i think i will use. I TR a lot need all the HP i can get. 🙂

  3. For Yugoloth pots, Silver Flame pots, heal scrolls etc, you do kind of need a nice pool of plat available if you use these high end buffs consistently. Ship buff contracts can burn through a lot of plat, too. I’ve still purchased planar girds and firestorm greaves for new characters with plat, but yes, the fanciest things don’t trade for plat. Wealth in DDO requires Large Shroud ingredients, epic scrolls, Flawless Red Scales, or Green Dragon scales to barter with, as well as the coin shinies.

  4. Being a bit alt-crazy has lead to a huge demand for plat… and we’ve even had to take out loans to get our shroud ingredients… so plat is by no means obsolete for all us little guys struggling!

  5. I’d still like to see the article — I agree with Samius.

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