Nov 022012

Haggle 71 versus Haggle 7
Dueling Haggle: Coin @ 71 vs. Mawry @ 7

Last week I wondered about the continuing utility of Haggle as a skill. While putting the article together, I was thinking about the reasons that Haggle seemed less important than it used to be.

My Gamer Girl mentioned that she doesn’t sell items that often anymore, she deconstructs them. She gets a little platinum in the process, and wondered if the amount of plat was variant based on Haggle.

I didn’t know. Time to find out.

I found two identical Docents on the auction house and gave one to my Hagglebot Coin and the other to my currently-8th-level Completionist Mawry. Haggle 71 versus Haggle 7.

Get ready … Get set … Deconstruct!

Nope no difference

Nope, no difference. Coin got more ingredients, but this could be because she has much higher crafting levels. Or it could be coincidence. But in either case, the plat yields are identical.

So there you go, definitive proof that Haggle does not change the amount of platinum received while deconstructing.

Too bad, really, since my Hagglebot is also my main crafter …

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I had the same thought a while back but was too lazy to due any tests. Googlefoo had nothing. So way to be more motivated then myself.

    Oh and thanks for the confirm.

  2. Interesting — I almost never sell anything any more either. In the attempt to get better at crafting, I deconstruct everything I can. I figure the tiny amount of crafting XP you gain from deconstruction (does that ever cap?) has to help a little, and the materials make up for the lost income.

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