Nov 232012

Level 55 at last!

So it seems that the recent changes to guild renown decay calculcations are going to be around for awhile. According to Turbine developer Vargouille:

We’re happier with the changes currently in compared to before. The system running today isn’t expected to be final. Further changes aren’t yet imminent.

So … not permanent, but not going anywhere anytime soon either.

Not to put to fine a point on this, but the Halfling Commandos have gained two levels in the couple of months that the new system has been in place, compared to the two levels we hard earned in the three years previous to the changes. A reminder of the previous system:

Gain guild renown,
Have it all taken away.
Sisyphus loved it

The new changes are still not the correct changes. We’ve talked about this. But they are such a huge and welcome improvement over the system we had previously.

Yay, we finally get the level 55 boat! Finally! Yay us!

🙂 😀 🙂


Vargouille on decay

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  1. Ooo – Greek mythology reference. Nice.

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