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Four days at the front of an ever-growing, seething mass of lesser races, found this halfling unable to keep her eyes open any longer. With a hint of desperation she tried one last time to spy someone familiar in the crowds behind her. Nets empty, half a thought left incomplete, she slumped to the floor, “maybe just a quick blink or two before…”

Silly halfling still has it better than I do. Oh sure, I stepped past her and into the preview and found the time to run a few quests but guess what! I didn’t know that it was a preview and now I start a 2-week holiday. As of Monday I get back a week+ Tuesday. So much for enjoying what at first glance seems to me to be an absolutely awesome everything!

I will drop in here a time or two to fawn over everything you post regarding your festival favs. 😉 please don’t hold back.

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. I think Turbine’s decision to reformat and streamline existing quest favourites is both wise and smart. Thank you, you guys and gals. (Caveat: saving time and work should not over-shadow the dev’s fun of actually doing the work needed to reformat the quests).

Pps. I stand in support of ingredients fading away at the end of, “a certain time”. If not this then perhaps,(re. the subject of duping), an update to House Vadalis’ work on adapting my Spider Wasps to take on a human host would be nice.

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  1. I think the idea of dated material is quite brilliant. Quite.

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