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Cordovan announced the end of the Mabar Endless Night festival last week on the forums:

We will be replacing the Mabar Festival of Endless Night with a new event, currently scheduled to debut sometime after the release of Update 24 (not this next update; the one after it.) The new event is likely to make its debut after the new year. We’re not yet ready to provide details about the event, other than the hint provided in the Producer’s Letter from July, but we can say that the event’s items will be the items from Mabar. At this time we have not been able to recover the Mabar festival in a way that addresses the issues with it and allow for its return.

Regarding Crystal Cove, we’re planning to run the event this year with the new tier of loot around the time that Mabar would normally arrive. The plan for the future is to have the new event run around the time that we used to run Mabar.

So this year, we will be celebrating All Hallow’s Eve by herding kobolds around the pirate cove, albeit a cove that includes level 28 loot. Next year, we will celebrate with “a new event that centers on something we can all agree on: looting chests!” (quoting Vyvyanne from her Welcome to DDO letter posted in July).

So that is that for Mabar, and as far as I am concerned, good riddance. The event never ran correctly, never. I loved the way the game changed to celebrate the season, the sky, the pumpkins, all of that. But I hated the dragon fight. And it was the main part of the event!

To recap:

A creative instancing scheme allowed 24 players to work together against this one dragon. Except you couldn’t always guarantee being placed into an instance with your friends, even when in a group.

You were supposed to break up into 8 different teams each with a specific goal: keep the lights on by constantly throwing one of four levers, or protect one of four altars from swarms of bad guys and the dragon itself. Except those on the levers couldn’t see when the lights were on or off. Everyone had to be able to read general chat – in the same language – for any coordination to occur.

What should happen is that each of the altar protection teams would damage the dragon, he (or she?) would retreat and attack a different altar, and eventually we would wear her (or him?) down and kill it. Except what usually happened is that one group just obliterated the dragon and it never went anywhere else, or the dragon bugged, or lag overwhelmed everyone and no one fought anything.

Especially the latter. Lag. Such bad lag.

The last instance of this event made me madder than anything that has ever happened to me in DDO. Madder than dealing with trolls, madder than dealing with griefers, madder even than the time I got accidentally banned*. Madder than all of that. The bug report I wrote at the peak of my anger was probably not a pretty thing to read, more scathing denunciation than anything else. But I’ve already written about this, I tried to reproduce in words the way that overwhelming lag made me feel but I doubt I was successful. No need to repeat it all in any case, go here if you are curious.

* Hey that was a Mabar event too! Hmmm I see a pattern …

But enough about this. Mabar was an evil thing that crushed the spirit, but in spite of that it had it’s good points. Besides, it is dead now and it is bad form to speak ill of the dead. Instead, let’s celebrate those good times that we did have. And so I shall, in the form of various screenshots and images stored from the last several years of the event.

Battling in Delera's Graveyard
One of my all-time favorite screenshots
Click to enlarge (it is wallpaper-sized)

Pumpkinhead Beholder
All of the beholders in the game had a chance to instead appear like this

Ejecta Pumpkinhead
Characters too, although someone had to choose to make that happen

Pumpkinhead party
Several characters (and dogs) in a group could be effected by a single pumpkinhead grenade

Eternity the Mabar dragon
A few lucky souls actually got to see Eternity the Mabar dragon

And that is that. Goodbye Mabar, and good luck, wherever you are.

Now, bring on the loot event!

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  1. A bit of a shame that the event is gone (I think I got to see the dragon 1 time in all those years, or maybe a slideshow of it once too?).
    Overall, the event caused massive lag all over the servers, the endless undead killing was a bit mind numbing and I always dreaded even getting the main event to open, because I ended up almost alone more often than not, and lagged out if not anyhow, so yes, good riddance.

    But it would be enormous if they could keep the spirit of the event up by turning on the pumpkin effects and visuals for halloween as a bit of a tribute, and I guess I would not be alone in kindly asking them to at least bring in the vendor guy to be able to turn in all the materials amassed in the past (would be lovely to get a bonus for eternal keys I have one character with over a hundred), because I doubt they are going to be of much use in the new event (or maybe chests opened with the eternal keys??).

  2. i got a lot of use out of the cloak over the years and i really enjoyed the +5 tome i got last year ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I liked the event itself, but not the problems it had/caused – being based in the UK I consider myself lucky since in my normal afternoon/evening playing hours it was somewhat laggy, but not cripplingly bad as it would be in US peak times, just as i was logging off for the night.

    Hopefully there will be a way at least for the secondary (dark skies, pumpkin beholders etc) effects to still be present over the halloween period while the main event itself is switched off.

  4. I am bummed but let’s see what the new event is. Maybe a saga, glammered costume party, etc.

  5. I never really seemed to have as many issues with Mabar as other people, the prime problem was people communicating, I guess…

    I’ll miss the Lagon, and stabbing it!

  6. I will miss Oil of Incandescence!

  7. If the Wraps of Endless Night don’t return, monasteries will be filled with darkness and sad.

  8. This makes me sad. Mabar was the only ddo event I truly enjoyed and had tons of fun. Well except the lag (I even bought a shadow gargoyle creature companion and named it ‘LAG’ during the last Mabar :D). It is a shame that they have decided not to fix it but I am curious what the new event will be ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I really love this event. Had pretty good luck with the dragon. Yes there was lag and it sucked, but still sad to see it go. Lets hope the still turn on all the pumpkin headed beholds and such in quests.

  10. As is posed by a number of people ‘what about the old collectibles?’, more pertinent, what about the 5000 vampire fangs, I have or may have thrown away?

  11. This is slightly disappointing, have just returned to DDO after a I don’t know how long break and Mabar was the only event I enjoyed.

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