Gnome Hunter Mary

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May 072013

I suspect that the series on the new enhancements is over, at least for the time being. I remain stymied by Lamannia Character Copy. I was able to copy two new versions of the characters I am trying to work up using the new Enhancements, but again it was the wrong versions of those two characters (different than last time but still wrong). And now I am unable to access the Character Copy tool at all.

But that’s okay, it’s all good, there is no shortage of interesting DDO topics that we can discuss. For instance, Gnomes!

There was recently a contest on DDOCast that asked entrants to capture images of Gnomes from Eberron and Faerun. There are many of them, but it is not obvious who they are. Gnomes are tiny, much smaller even than Halflings. If you play a lot of Halflings, like I do, it becomes obvious.

But not everyone plays a lot of Halflings. So we provided Gnome-seeking tips along with the contest:

  • Make a first-life Halfling
  • Stand next to the NPC you think may be a Gnome
  • If your character is much taller, then yes, this is a Gnome

Doesn’t get much simpler than than. Several people submitted entries, none more than Mary D, who included her moniker “TinyTrouble”, and believed she had found nine of the little dudes/dudettes.

No one should be a better Gnome Hunter than someone who calls herself TinyTrouble. Let’s check out Mary’s Gnome work and see how she did.

Click on any image to see it originally-sized.

Mary’s first Gnome is Brigid. Definitely looking Gnomish to me.

Felicity, at 60% of Halfling height, is another definitive Gnome.

Fern is not so glaringly Gnomic. But okay, she could be a really tall Gnome.

Fiona looks pretty fierce for a Gnome.

In spite of the fact that Hezwick has such a Gnomic name, I suspect he is just a short Halfling and not a Gnome at all.

Joria is another no-doubt Gnome.

Kismi. Gnome. Unusually fancy Gnome but definitely Gnome.

Madhand just has bad posture. Totally a Halfling. Straighten up and stop slouching Madhand!

Philver is a rather chunky Halfling who would’ve stacked up better versus Mary’s yardstick Halfling if only he had some hair. Maybe he is DDO’s only Hobbit?

Overall, Mary has found six definitive Gnomes and three that are probably just short Halflings. Nonetheless, Mary earned all nine contest entries, no one was being very picky.

And besides, six is a lot! Thanks Mary, very nice Gnome-hunting.

Although I know of a few that she missed. Ah hah! Future contest hopes remain alive.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Dang misclick wanted to give you 5 stars ! Love your choice of pics for me LOL

  2. The title had me concerned, but yay! The good kind of Gnome Hunting! Well done!

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