Glow Orb

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Jun 162016

Another Fraps capture that I’ve had so long that it’s origins are fuzzy. Sschyndylryn, I suspect, but that is a big place with four quests and this could have come from any of that.

But regardless:

glow orb preview

The animation is surprisingly complex for such a small and simple thing; it never repeats. Or at least it does not repeat during these four seconds, one assumes it must repeat at some point. But not in this capture. Meaning I could not make a smoothly animated endless loop; there will always be a jerk when the animation progresses from the last frame back to the first frame.

And all for a simple light, something meant to blend into the background, to be common and trivial.

Still, quite lovely.

Click the image to see the full-sized and even lovelier version.

Nice, huh?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Dammit, I KNOW which quest that is, I just can’t place it. I remember a guild run when it first came out, and stopping to get screenies of those lights because they are indeed lovely… Sschindylryn seems right, but I can picture the rooms where I saw those lights and I’m not remembering them in any of the quests there. I’d say definitely not Rusted Blades or Broken Chains… this is gonna drive me nuts until I find the ambition to sign on and figure it out.

    BTW, months ago you had a “where is it” type post that looked like a cyan pile of rocks, kinda… I never saw if anyone got the right answer. Where was it?

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