May 272016
Epic Chest from Against the Demon Queen

Against the Demon Queen


Back in the day (uh oh – he said “back in the day”. There go half the readers), back when Epic difficulty was new and seriously difficult, way back then, we used to get a special reward on quest completion.

Not just loot, although we’d get special loot too. No, I am referring to the visual and aural treat of opening an Epic Chest.

Epic Chest from Chains of Flame

Chains of Flame


Epic quests might have many chests, most of them do, but only one would be the Epic Chest, and the only way to get that one was to beat the quest. Epic Chests are never optional.

Opening an Epic Chest was special, partly because you might get a scroll/shard/seal that you needed (although probably not), but more because of the special effects.


Epic Chest from the Chamber of Raiyum

The Chamber of Raiyum


The explosion of pink; the chorus of angelic harmony from on high; the glittering gold within!

Now that is how one opens a chest!


Epic Chest from the Chronosphere

The Chronosphere


Except no longer, the Epic Chests have gone the way of Epic questing; something you can do on the way to the real game, which is Legendary.

Yet the chests remain. Dusty and ignored, perhaps, but still there, still ready to explode in epic magnificence for the chest epicurean who comes upon one.

Like me.


Epic Chest from Offering of Blood

Offering of Blood


I’ve sprinkled this article with images of the five Epic Chests that I’ve looted rather recently. They are lovely, and each one is totally worth your click to see in full size.

According to this list, there are 23 more; I think I am going to make a point of finding all of them and showing them to you.

Because … Epic Chests.


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  1. They may not be as Epic-y as they were back in the olden days, but they still thrilled Pink!

  2. I admit I didn’t play as many epic quests as I should have, but I think I have only the ingredients to make ONE epic item after 7[?] years of epic questing ๐Ÿ˜‰ And of course, not the item I was really wanted to make, which is probably available via lootgen…

    I still love the old epics, maybe not the Menechtarun ones, though, I’m totally over soloing towers!

  3. Gotta wonder what other links would pop up along with yours if I googled chest of burgeoning glory….probably not going to do this at work :-).

  4. A fountain of misinformation! I am shocked at this line from your original post: “Epic Chests are never optional.” Falseness! Erroneous! Blatant lies! Tell me where you can obtain the Epic Chest from Into the Deep? TELL ME!!!

    No, well then I will, you can only obtain it if you defeat the OPTIONAL Demon of the Frenzied Blood.

    (This post was intended as a humorous comment in line with Geoff’s continuous downplaying of his contributions to the DDO world, which IMHO are entertaining and informative, but rarely contain any errors of any kind. So when that rare occasion arises, someone must have some fun with it, this time it was me (Insert smiley face emoticon here))

    Purveyor of Truth

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