Oct 282014

Ambassador Hesstess in all her ambassadorial splendor

A woman who gives a whole new meaning to the word “curvy”, Hesstess is both the Ambassador from Droaam to Stormreach, and also a medusa. Multi-talented, she can petrify you with a look, or put you to sleep with a long-winded speech.

She is also a caster of some ability, an archer, and the person in charge of preparing Stormreach for an invasion by the Monster Nation. You’ll find her awaiting your battley pleasure in the quest Eyes of Stone. But find her carefully, she’s quite capable of leaving you and your companions as an unhappy pile of unattractive statuary.

Like I said, multi-talented.

There’s a perfect GIF of this lovely-yet-deadly viper-vixen in the “Continue Reading” section of the post.

Or, if you are truly brave and also the holder of much bandwidth, you can try this 23-mb version which is even better.

I’m quite proud of the loop timing in this GIF. Somehow, I did it flawlessly without even having to edit out any frames. Never before, and probably never again, but just this once it came out perfect the very first time.

If you are immensely brave and bandwidth-worthy, there is a full-sized 1200×900 version that I am currently using as desktop wallpaper. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll find a way to get it to you. But it is 73mb so we’d have to be pretty creative.

Ambassador Hesstess: proof that diplomacy bites.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Although she’s not spoken for, she isin’t very approachable. When I met her she tried to turn me to stone! My 1st impression of her was that she is ruthless and cold hearted.

  2. The punishment seems kind of harsh, I mean all she did was say she was more beautiful than the Goddess of love and beauty, gee whiz, talk about sensitive. I wonder if the internal ugliness predates the physical?

  3. Hestess is definitely a challenge!! Nice gif!!

  4. Reminds me of my ex: Alluring in some capacity but utterly poisonous.

    I enjoy poisoning her to death with ninjas at any opportunity.

    That’s a great GIF. Many players don’t enter the Lordsmarch Hall prior to the “Assault” chain to see her conversing here (i.e., stalling for time) with the seated Coin Lords. They only see the Lords after you’ve freed them and killed the medusa in “Eyes of Stone.”

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