Jan 102014
Y'doin What?

Y’doin What?

The guildies have called my bluff. I have been complaining a lot over the years since scaling was first implemented about things there-in I find distasteful. Distastful in that they are enforced rather than offered. ie: Luedwig-Toggle! Complaining might be too strong a word, perhaps observing or lamenting the past is more accurate. Well, it appears one guildy and then the anticipated bandwagon have had enough. Tonight we roll out the Gimptastic Elastick. Yes, they are broken but because we have decided not to run them under the Permadeath umbrella they will continue to bounce back from the many, many, many much-anticipated deaths they are sure to experience. Random loot, no farming, no daily dice and no auction house. Undecided whether or not we benefit from ship buffs. It will open up our leveling options and for good or bad I suspect we will use them. We currently working out the meta-use of coin to buy pots. Its another fun vs. grind issue.

I don’t have much time. While I write this little heads-up they are waiting patiently(HA!) for me to log in and create my special one. I believe basic game knowledge used in conjunction with current scaling protocols, random loot tables and enhancement tree flexibility that a Random-Class character can or should be able to do just fine in everything short of endgame. I’m not convinced that they should. If they can’t? Hehe, in this case so much the better because this is the stuff that real fun is made of. Unless your fun is tied directly to loot. That’s another matter and one which I by no means want to suggest is any less valid.

Here are the basic rules of creation as forced upon me: Random class selection at every level. I was told by random die roll that I would start as a wizard. He who rolled this was in turn given the same news. Here’s the good part: The one who most detests the idea of ever playing a cleric was informed on a roll by yours-truly that he would indeed begin his career as a cleric. Every level from here forward will again be determined by random die-roll except that by level-3 we must all have three classes. Now I must leave for the hamlet of Character-Creation and determine such silly things as stats and alignment. I don’t want to think things through too far but a few things I know. I will choose my alignment to kill any chance of bard. I will pass on Barbarian or Paladin and place my eggs in the Basket of the Monk. Oh please let them roll me a monk at level two or three. Monks go good with everything. Lawful/Nuetral. So many possibilities that I cannot prepare for. What would you do? Where would you put your stats? By the time I get your advice it will be too late. But of course you knew that and besides, isn’t that the point?

Playing times will be problematic as two of us are here in Calgary while the third is in England quite close to a little football club known in some parts as the Gunners. I’ll report back in a few weeks and remind us all how bad a player I really am with all the good-stuff stripped and stored away. Will we cheat, give-up, LFM Thelanis to save and escort our sorry butts? Time has been known to say anything, for a price. Wish us luck 😉

PS. My apologies for the lack of introductions. That fellow up top is Jasper Oliver Tiberius Kirk. He likes to play a Black Panther cub in Ddo-Online and is just looking for reassurance that he isn’t gonna be asked to adventure with this new guy. You might however find him looking out for the likes of  Luedwig or Truanquillo both of Thelanis.

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