Apr 132016

DDO News!
I have it on good authority that there will be downtime Thursday, I think 8am-11am EDT (if I am remembering correctly), to apply more fixes related to lag reduction. But that is not really very newsy, you will read the announcement from Turbine directly sometime in the next hour or so.

More important, I was reminded that the Anniversary Party event ends Monday morning, April 18, around 0900 EDT. And once it ends, it is all the way ended. No more ability to get free items. No more Anniversary Party challenge. No way to turn in any Party Favors you have earned.

It all comes to a screeching halt Monday morning. So … do whatever anniversary party-related activities you need to do, and do them now!

Or never.

This PSA brought to you by the fine folks at DDOGamer! Working tirelessly for you!

(I mean, you didn’t think all of this inanity and uselessness whipped itself up, did you?)

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. You may be wondering how I know this. Ah HAH, now that is the real story, isn’t it? And I’m not telling.

p.p.s Yet.

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  1. I know! I know!!!

  2. Pro tip, if you have a load of jeweller’s toolkits sitting around from daily dice, roll up a few new alts & get prising those diamond of vitality +20 augments out of minos legens…legenses… legensii..? i like the latin plural for it. Get your legensii diamond mining on! 🙂

  3. Must make more Broccoli!!

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