Nov 212011

I like to joke that I am from the Grand Duchy of Geoff because (1) I like to joke and (2) the place is named Geoff!

In Greyhawk, Geoff is influenced by Hornwood,
which also mirrors me in real life.
Click for the full size image.

Thanks to Gary Gygax for running out of fantastical genre names and just (so it seems) throwing this one out there when creating his Greyhawk worldmap.

Because of that one casual event, my namesake fictional Duchy has been the site of many adventures, lore, heroic fiction, and seems to be one of or possibly the most active chapters of the RPGA.

I urge everyone to take a moment to follow this link, where my fictional namesake country is discussed in scholarly tones as if it actually mattered in any way. This proves many things, including the fact that many of us have too much time on our hands.

As I read along, I mentally fill in myself wherever the article references the duchy with just the name “Geoff”. Which it does, a lot.

“As a result, thousands of role-players enjoyed adventures and other gaming events held in Geoff.”

Apparently I am quite expansive, and also RPG-friendly. I always knew that!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You need to call the GDOT and have the roads taken care of: “Since the giant incusions, Geoff’s roads are in disrepair.” Can you tell us a little more about your “The Living Geoff campaign” and what your platform is? Finally, what’s this about a little module called “A Necessary Evil” that I see in the list? It would appear you are slowly sinking to the dark side. Not that I look for any opportunity to point things out that have Evil in it that refer back to you in any way or anything. 🙂

  2. being from Virginia originally I was in the proud Duchy of Geoff, we had kings lost in Fey realms, and Giants that came down from the mountains. not like NY where Keoland claims “there are no undead in keoland” so kinda inside joke I guess. 3.x RPGA died shortly after me finding a stable group for it. I miss The Grand Duchy.

  3. Occupy Geoff?

  4. I have that map! Love that Greyhawk box.

  5. When I was 14 I posted the entire map, both HUGE pages, in my room. Good stuff… (*wipes a tear)

  6. You can #OccupyGeoff all you want. The whole place is named after me. This is probably the only time I will be able to say this: I am the 1%

  7. Gads, I am such a nerd. When I was a teenager, the poster I had on my wall was the Greyhawk world map. Thanks for posting that piece of map to remind me of how much I have given into my true self.

  8. Imagine UK in the 1980s started to create their own campaign world – Pelinore.

    It listed areas and details of individuals with lives to drop into any campaign.

    I think people have always taken it quite seriously, so discussing it as such doesn’t surprise me.

    There even seems to be a live but not kicking very much site for it –

    Oblivion reminds me of what they tried to do, albeit in a very rudimentary way with repeating voice overs, but the people still have ‘lives’ to a point if you follow them.

    I would expect them to become more intricate as gaming technology advances.

    And I did find it quite funny when I broke into a house, found 2 people and 2 dogs in there, the man punched a dog to death, the woman attacked and killed him and it turned out it was her husband and their dogs.

    No really, it happened and it was very funny.

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