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Jul 262010

I happen to have 8/5-8/8 off, and the kennel has room for my giant shaggydog, and I am seriously thinking GenCon.

I know, I know, its last minute, all the best events will be full, yada yada yada.

But still.

Is anyone else going? Is there anything officially DDO ongoing? Or officially Turbine? Or …. anything?

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  1. Ah. Gencon. I remember Gencon. We used to be so close. Barely blocks appart. But GenCon and I had a falling out a few years back. She left me for another…well, city. While I’m not going to go visit, I do like to check up on the girl once in a while…you know, just to make sure she’s okay. Not stalking or anything.


    While I can’t believe that such a thing could happen, I have not seen any mention of DDO for GenCon. I have seen the event catalog and I don’t think there’s anything there. I checked out the eGames Arena and found nothing.

    The only thing I’ve seen for Turbine so far is an unofficial LotR gathering mentioned on the LotR forums. Can’t find it right now or I’d give you the link.


    Sorry. That’s all I’ve got. Now back to watching Indy on the weather channel…er…I mean…

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