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According to Google’s automatic picture backup/enhancing/curating, these are the best shots I took at GenCon.

Sadly, I do not have any pics at all from several events, including a Night with Dungeons & Dragons (fun murder mystery for 650) and my very favorite, DDOCast 300! But my Gamer Girl has some shots of the DDOCast – somewhere – expect to see more on that soon.

On with the pics, presented (at least as best as I can remember) In order of appearance.

Thinking ...

Thinking about tile placement in an awesome version of Carcassone that had 12 players divided into six teams playing every expansion all at once.

Carcassone Kingdom

Even with a dozen of us playing as fast as we could, we couldn’t get all 1000 tiles played. Nonetheless, the most impressive Carcassone layout ever!

Father and Son Rebel Pilots

I have a weakness for Father/Child getups and this one is just excellent.

Many amazing costumes, as always, although others would make you stop and think “doesn’t that guy have mirrors in his house?”.

Playing Smallworld and the Big Convention

My Gamer Girl will end up winning this game of Smallworld with the Tales and Legends expansion.

Right here should be pictures from A Night with Dungeons and Dragons, a special event murder mystery for 650 featuring the debut of The Sundering D&D campaign as well as lots of D&D-related material and displays including our very own DDO: Producer Glin was present previewing Shadowfell Conspiracy videos and showering visitors with lots of free Turbine Points.

Yes, you should be reveling in lovely pics of myself & my Gamer Girl, Anne & Sig Trent, Tolero (and Mr. Tolero) plus Producer Glin all working with 650 new friends to figure out the murderer except… well.. I am a lousy reporter. You’ll just have to imagine it.

It was cool though!

A fraction of the crowd

A tiny portion of the mass quantities of game-playing ongoing at any given time.

Cargo Noir

Cargo Noir. A fun game from Days of Wonder. One of many we liked so much that we had to buy it.

Artistic vendor hall merchandise

Some of the vendor hall merchandise was amazing too!

Yarn-bomb beholder

Hand-knitted beholders quickly sold out.

Gary, Yvonne and I

Our friend Gary (CDBD3RD from the forums) joined us sometime Friday afternoon.

Right here should be pictures from DDOCast 300. And while I remain a horrible reporter, this time I have an excuse in that I was too busy appearing in the show to also report on it. My Gamer Girl got some pics though, expect them in a separate article soonβ„’. Hopefully Doug (of The Longshotist blog) or Kevin (of the Order of Syncletica blog) got some snaps and will post them in one of their own GenCon wrapups.

There was also a DDO meetup party Friday night. Sadly I have no excuses here, I just completely forgot I had a camera with me. Hopefully one of the other bloggers will bail me out here too.

Saturday was costume contest day. Although this was my fifth GenCon, I had never actually attended the costume contest.

By coincidence, we showed up two hours early, which turned out to be a Good Thing. A Really Good Thing. There were hundreds of people packed into the auditorium and most of them only had views of distant video screens. Not us though, our accidental early arrival was not early enough to get the front row but did get us pretty close.

Warhammer miniatures in full size

These Warhammer costumes were incredible. Moving flames, and that guy’s saw-sword actually worked, a crazy chainsaw action that made the whole hall gasp in amazement when he turned it on.

Steampunk Ghostbusters

My Gamer Girl’s favorite, steampunk Ghostbusters, including a giant Mr. Steam-Puft. Great, great costumes, amazingly detailed – the clockwork backpacks where stunning. Sadly, not a great pic.

My personal favorite: Godzilla vs. I-Forget-The-Name-Of-This-Monster

The overall costume winner for 2013: Human Space Marines and Ghost Kerrigan. It seems a little unfair to let the Professional category winner compete for best-in-show versus the other categories. But regardless, they were awesome costumes.

Balloon Chtulhu

Balloon Cthulhu. Yes, you read that correctly, a balloon Cthulhu. Only at GenCon.

A pack of Star Wars costumes

Star Wars themes always catch my eye.

X-Wings attack the deathstar trench

This board game (X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Simulations) was being played on a 3D map of the Deathstar trench.


Agricola was the best board game I played all week.

On the way to victory

I would win this bout. By one point.

Rune Wars

One last demo: Rune Wars, a beautiful game (being played by a beautiful Gamer Girl!) with some of the best bits ever.

I could have taken another hundred shots, the visuals just never stopped coming. Everywhere I looked, gamers gaming. Everywhere.

We are a weird bunch, we gamers, but so what? Here we can own our weirdness, sharing it, reveling in it. And so we did. For four days.

So much fun!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Totally Jealous, and still not logged in =)

  2. i know what you mean about how much was going on! it’s been a week now and i’m still geeking out about it, telling stories and remembering stuff we saw and did. i hope to make attending Gen Con a yearly tradition. if you are a gamer you simply must go at least once.

  3. I wish I was half as drunk as I look in those pix. πŸ™‚

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