GenCon Cometh!

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Aug 022011

So maybe you just happen to be in Indianapolis this week, looking to kill a few hours with something fun. Hey I know, maybe a little GenCon?

Planning FTW!

Don’t forget the one event not shown on the schedule: Friday night at Jillians! Sorry Illuminati which was scheduled for Friday night, maybe next year.

I think there are slots remaining for all of these events except the True Dungeons (Dragons Redoubt, Lair of the Sea-Witch) and Monsterpocalypse. Maybe? Ah I don’t know I stopped checking when I got my tickets.

Stop by and join in! Or kibitz. Or just introduce yourself to my girlfriend and I.

I’ll be the one in the nerd humor t-shirt.

Lots of happy pics coming!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. “I’ll be the one in the nerd humor t-shirt.”
    Yeah, that’ll narrow it down…

  2. If it helps, I will also be in shorts and mandals.

  3. Please wear your flair sash as well

  4. That’s an awesome schedule! Wish I could go this year, but I can’t make it this time around.

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