May 302012
Dali understood the concept of gaming time

All the clocks are melting …
geoff must be playing a game again

There is something about Civilization games that completely destroys my sense of time. Every good game has this affect on me.

I can’t play a game for an hour without artificial assistance, I just can’t. I try, but then suddenly and without warning, it is evening and no chores were done.

* Often this has resulted in an angst overflow, especially among those of the feminine persuasion who are (sharply) focused on the chores part of that last paragraph.

I’ve tried using the PC clock, cooking timers, even phone alarms, and met with mixed success: I notice the alarm going off, but I don’t always immediately follow that with the action of saving and exiting the game. Often, there is one more thing I want to do before I quit, just one more, and then I will save.

Just one more thing.

Oops two more hours went by.

But Civilization games are the very worst. The whole game is a sequence of “just one more things”. There are no cleanly defined end points like there are in DDO when you finish a quest; you don’t finish anything in Civ, you just keep tweaking and adjusting and fiddling until the game is over.

I accidentally sacrificed most of my Memorial Day weekend to Civ 5. I had help: the girlfriend was playing too (yes, she is just awesome like that). We picked up the game on sale while doing errands Saturday. There we were, clicking away for a couple of hours playing with the new game, when suddenly it was bed time and the weekend had completely disappeared. In about two hours.

It is such an evil game.

Got to go, I have an idea I want to try out that I hope will boost my civilization’s starting efficiency … Send help if you don’t hear from me again by Thursday!

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  1. πŸ˜€ I’ve never played Civilization, but I do get lost in DDO. The only time I’m able to keep my schedule, is if I only log on to check the mailbox or check gear a little bit, while keeping an eye on the clock (which I do if I log on before swimming practice, one of the few things I really try not to be late for). I have lost e.g. Sundays playing DDO. I’m like, I’ll play for a little while and then I’ll clean or do dishes or… and then suddenly it’s late and I decide to skip doing chores and play a little bit more instead XD (and then it’s late and I didn’t got to bed on time as I had planned)

  2. Ah yes, I can relate to this one. Going all the way back to the first Civilization. Countless hours and days used to play those games. I guess it’s time to reinstall Civ4 and hear Leonard Nimoy again πŸ™‚

  3. i never really cared for any of the Civ games. However, I do like Alpha Centauri – which is by the same makers and is a “Civ-like” game (go figure). Maybe it’s because no matter which Civ you play (i.e. I, II, III, IV, or V), they are all the same (at least, they are to me) – they play the same, have the same staring point, same goals, etc. At least with AC, you’re already starting from an advanced civilization (you’re in space!).

  4. I quit with civ games just because of this “problem”. Also tried a new plan couple of months ago to have better and more focused gaming time and start after evrybody is off to bed. It does give me better gaming time indeed but on the other hand noticing that only have 2 hours of sleep left is getting a bit of disadvantage.

  5. The X-com/UFO games do it for me, just one more mission, just one more bit of research.. oooh look in 3 turns my armour will be ready. OH its 4am how did that happen πŸ˜‰

  6. Yep, Civ is awful for the ‘just one more turn’ syndrome. The only way you can force yourself to have a shorter game is stick to smaller maps! Civ5 combat seems different than previous versions, but I haven’t played it enough to get comfy. I still play Civ Revolutions or Civ4 on hand when I’m in the mood.

  7. Gamer time :), I have a friend that can summon the power of gamer time at will.

    His name is Gareth and the schism that he can create is called Gar Time.

    At least you can just not play Civ5 when you choose not to, Gar just turns up with his time loops whenever he fancies – before you know it sunlight informs you that sleep is no longer an option.


  8. Chuckle.. I feel your pain. I spent 4 hours(10-2, whoops) Monday night trying to get Master of Orion 2 to play nice with Win 7. Did I solve it: No. Do I know how to: Yes.

    Seems like a good strategy game is like Game of Thrones: You win or you die.

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