Nov 212012


This week, Turbine added a 25% bonus on earned Epic XP. This encouraged my Gamer Girl and my guild to focus more on epics and less on the endless TR grind. Knicker had gotten most of my epic playtime, what little there had been, and gradually accumulated a few unspent Destiny Points. Then in the last two days she jumped all the way to Epic Level 23 and picked up a corresponding number of new Destiny Points.

Opening up the destinies “Overwhelming Force” and “Fury Eternal”, and changing my perception of Fury of the Wild’s Adrenaline forever.

I have two Barbarians. A serious one and a silly one. The serious one got TR’d, again, and is working her way back up the level mountain, albeit as a Fighter this time rather than Barbarian.

The silly Barbarian is Knicker, my River Tam build. Dualing dwarven axes, crafted starter rags, this is not a build that min/maxed for efficiency but rather for fun. And she is quite fun, and quite competent too even though the primary thrust of her design is fun. And silly.

When Menace of the Underdark was released, Knicker ran down to the Epic Trainer like all my other capped characters, looking forward to the possibility of Epic destinies and levels. “Fury of the Wild“, said the only destiny available to her, strangely as “wild” implies something more Druidic or Rangery than Barbaric, but at least it had “Fury” in the title. Besides, I had no choice, so Fury of the Wild it was.

Meanwhile, my Cleric got all kinds of new hitpoints. My Wizard got all kinds of new spell points and DCs. My Barbarian got (yet) another way to Rage. For one hit. Once per rest.


I didn’t worry about it. When Knicker got another destiny point, she put it into Strength without much thought. I added the new way to rage, Adrenaline, to an action bar, but not a primary bar, it just wasn’t that useful. I’d save it for a boss fight and then use up whatever instances I had. Unless I forgot.

So I remained underwhelmed by Fury of the Wild but also incurious about it; most of my play focus has been on my Completionist-in-progress Mawry. I haven’t opened an Epic Destiny planner, I haven’t even tried to figure out the (strangely complicated-appearing) Twists of Fate.

Yesterday I learned I had been wrong. Very wrong. I put my sudden influx of Destiny Points into “Overwhelming Force”. Three times. According to the UI, this should give me a 10-second knockdown on each Adrenaline-powered hit. Even if I can only use this four times a rest, that is still something cool, very cool, and probably useful enough that even I will remember to use it. Time for some playtesting.

Oh my, it is way better than “useful”. It is awesome! “Hey,” I said to my Gamer Girl, “watch this Dire Bear”. Boom, down it goes. Splayed at my feet. I giggled.

This repeated all night. “Watch this draegoloth!”. Giggle. “Watch this medusa!”. Giggle. It stopped being as much fun for my Gamer Girl somewhere around the 15th or 20th repetition, but I did not care, too much fun to stop. If only I could use this new-found awesomeness more than four times per rest!

Don't bother getting up Mr. Draegoloth
Ignore the 400 points, most Adrenaline hits are much harder. The point is that the Draegoloth is knocked to it’s Draego-ass where it will do no damage to anyone

And then I earned another destiny point and unlocked Eternal Fury. Now my Adrenaline regenerates every time I throw a vorpal strike, something I do quite often on this build (it is after all a TWF speed build). Now my knockdowns are endless!

Woo hoo! I am knocking down everything! Nothing has even saved from it yet (although red names appear immune). I am even using Adrenaline with throwing axes! Quad damage from a distance! Take that you Purple Worm you!

I am unstoppable. I have so much more to write about how fun this is (it is so very very fun!) but right now, I have to go knock down everything in the Underdark.

“Hey, watch this Priestess of Lolth!”

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. YAWN. Let us know when you start having fun. Wait, what? OOOH!! Now I want to switch to that one to level it up…on my wizard!

  2. Yeah, i didn’t even bother hotbarring Adrenaline on my ranger/rogue until i was close to Fotw 5; it wasn’t until that Overadrenaline or whatever you get that at the L5 innate that i really felt it was worth using with the long charge-up. i still only use it on bosses, but if Knockdown works that well, i may have to reconsider when i get there.

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