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Fun With Graphs: Named Weapons By Type

I warned you that all of Shindoku’s spreadsheet finery would inevitably result in a new crop of graphs happening here on DDOGamer. I did, I was very specific.

And yet, some of you, or hopefully at least one of you, came back anyway. Only to be rewarded with … graphs! Lovely, yet boring in a way that only an accountant/actuarial/statistician can truly appreciate. And me, who is none of those things yet acts like them in many respects.

For those of you who find beauty in numbers, well, here you go. For those of you who find beauty in … things that are actually beautiful, here’s a link to the prettiest screenshot ever, from yesterday’s post. Enjoy.

Now on with the numbers!

As soon as I started looking at Shindoku’s work I was drawn to the weapons page. Row after row of weapons, broken down by weapon type, listing every possible attribute.

It would be fun to analyze for the “best” weapon, a topic that seems to effect people personally and which draws a high percentage of the total DDO search engine traffic. But I am not, for a couple of reasons:

  • I would need to figure out an algorithm to identify the “best” weapon
  • “Best” is a fuzzy way to define what we are after; it does not mean the same thing to everyone

Having examined and rejected that topic, I next ventured into one of my pet peeves: how come the developers never give me any named (Mauls, Falchions, Rapiers, Dwarven Axes, or whatever weapon my character specializes in). Why do the Khopesh and Greataxe users get love every update while my poor (Maul/Falchion/Rapier/DAxe) user gets only the shaft?

Technically, for my quarterstaff user, getting the shaft would be perfect. But that is beside the point.

Before looking at the chart, a brief discussion of method. I removed Alchemical, Thunder-Forged and Green Steel because every weapon is available in all of those; they cancel each other out. I determined what was epic by checking to see if the word “Epic” appeared in the weapon title, or if the weapon is +6 or better. I know that this misidentifies a very small number of weapons as heroic that are actually epic (specifically, Drow Weapon Master weapons), but without minimum character levels per weapon I had to make do. Note that this has no effect on the totals in any case.

And now, some numbers: am I right? Are all “my” weapons ignored while everyone else gets named weapons galore?

Named Weapons Histogram

Well. Err. Ah hem. Apparently no. There are quite a few mauls. And rapiers. But not Dwarven Axes! I was right, Knicker is getting hosed! Boo.

Actually the only thing I see here that is startling is just how much developer attention the QStaff users get. I wonder if that is because casters and meleers both use quarterstaves but need such different types of quarterstaves? Or maybe the developers just really enjoy the quarterstaff melee animation? Who knows. But there are more named quarterstaves in the game than the lowest 15 weapons combined. Maybe it’s time to mix that up a little, Turbine!

And oh, the poor Hand Axe and Light Hammer users! Fortunately I don’t have any, but still, only one Hand Axe? That seems like an oversight. The Hand Axe is not a bad weapon at all. Not good, but not bad, and still, only one?

Could the weapon proficiency type be relevant? Let’s look:

Named Weapons By Type

No surprise that there are fewer Unarmed named weapons than any others, since there is only the one kind of unarmed weapon (hand wraps). Also not all that surprising that there are so many named Martial weapons; there are more Martial weapons, period. 19 weapons are Martial versus 21 of all other types combined. It seems that the prevalence of named weapons matches closely to the distribution of weapons in general.

In retrospect, that seems off. More characters can use Simple weapons than any other type. Shouldn’t there be more Simple named weapons as a result?

Even when you weight the named weapon counts by the number of weapons in each proficiency to come up with an average number of named weapons for each weapon, even still, Simple weapons do not dominate. If it wasn’t for the quarterstaff, Simple would lag well behind Martial, and be pretty close to Exotic.

Speaking of which, Exotics really are exotic, having less named weapons than any other type, and less per weapon as well. Poor exotics. Poor Knicker and her Exotic Dwarven Axes.

So there you go. If you want a selection of named weapons, you’re better off swinging a Dagger or using a Longbow or, best of all, a Quarterstaff.

Maybe I should play my stickfighter more often?

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  1. We have so many quarterstaves because they break so often πŸ˜€

  2. Just because more characters, by count, can use a weapon does not necessarily mean it makes sense for there to be more weapons in that category. By that logic, handwraps should be the most prevalent in the game, because even a level zero character with no class specification would be proficient. (Can you still breathe? Good, here’s some handwraps.)

    On the other hand, what I’d be curious to see are server stats to put the percentages up against class saturation. If there are more martial weapons, for example, because there are simply more characters that are proficient in martial weapons than not, then it makes perfect sense.

    Except the q-staff. That’s just nuts.

    (Also – there aren’t any Green Steel handwraps, so the Shintao monks get shafted in that regard compared to everyone else….)

  3. Now that you have the data at your finger tips maybe you can make some more charts?
    Here are a few ideas:
    – One handed, two handed, thrown, ranged
    – Power types (caster, melee, ranged)
    – Blunt, pierce, slash
    – Material
    – Racial favorite, Diety favorite
    – Fineshable / non-fiseshable
    – Number of augment slots: 0, 1, 2 or 3 (I don’t think we have more)
    – Augment types: Red, Orange, Yellow or Colorless (I don’t think we have others)

  4. There’s still a lot of other weapons I would like to see in game that haven’t made an appearance yet, and I’m sure some other people agree. Mainly spears, with halberds, tridents, flails, and double-sided weapons. I think an Orc Double Axe is perfect for the half-orc barbarian!

  5. Here’s a question to consider: Why is the Hand Axe a Martial-type weapon instead of a Simple-type weapon? Do you realize that currently there is only one slashing-type Simple weapon (Sickle)?

    …Unless you count some ‘unique’ ones like the Threnalean War-Dagger.

  6. Your seem to be missing the epic dart from 3BC (coffin nail),a nd the epic throwing hammer from thunderholme (dagan’s mallet)

    • So it would appear! I will have to double check my source!

      [Edit] both weapons are present in the charts above but are misidentified as Heroic. I did say I had a problematic algorithm for that, yes?

      πŸ™‚ Thanks for the heads up! πŸ™‚

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