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You are listening to... 102.1 Storm FM. On the Khyber dial... dial... dial...

You are listening to… 102.1 Storm FM. On the Khyber dial… dial… dial…

DDOCast Last:
It is said that a great Seer once veiled his vision of What-Was-To-Come in a sort of prayer to the powers that be;

I would live to see,
Do I to dare to ask?
One hundred Thirty-Ton;
Tarrasque, Cerulean.

………………………..DDOCast 394, go listen! 😉 The guests all have some really great ideas. Maybe too large for a Free to VIP pack but still; great ideas!

Poor puppy dogs. This quest in the Cerulean Hills has the Blues written all over it. If Eberron had any bard-builds that could actually sing, of course. The underlining message of this segment, I believe it was my 5th, is actually right in line with DDOCast 394. I find Patrick’s choice of the Cerulean Hills Slayer Zone to be bang on with my own thoughts for what I might like to see in a future raid. His desire to see an awakened Tarrasque laying waste to the Hills is inspired, if perhaps out of reach. One open zone that is host to both beginning and end-game content? Nice! Could it be pulled off? Not convinced 😉

Oh my, talk about timing! First Patrick talking about Really Important Stuffings and now Bambi the Insane poking at kobolds. Have you taken the time to hone up on your lore surrounding the Lowly Kobold? Visit her August 18 post to peer over the shoulder of one; Ixengix, for a close look at these little Draagon fanatics. 😉

In the next piece I presented a segment where I proposed an idea for a new festival. Members of the Twelve and Faction reps. would be burned in effigy. To appease the ravenous appetites of the peasants, the Twelve would release thousands of greased kobolds into the streets of Stormreach. It would be for us adventurers, the responsibility, to chase down and club the little monsters into submission. We got Mimics; I’m ok with that. But still, greased kobolds….

This song is a doo-wop introduction to the Coin Lords, collecting favour and what, in the early years of the harbour was Master Zinn’s troubles with a kobold infestation. The original concept was to cover each Faction, that provides favor, with a theme song. Visitors to the festival would sing these songs as they burned the puppets and dolls representing the upper crusties of Stormreach. Did you know that if you sing a doo wop near a sewer grate, you may be lucky enough to hear the kobolds snapping their fingers in time to the music? No, really, listen closely…

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. No need to read further beyond the Why is Luedwig posting this series of excerpts from my DDOCast segments here on DDoGamer. If anyone begins to Flumph about it in one of my subsequent posts(no more than three or four) we can refer them to here.

During the later episodes of Sig and Anne’s tenure as hosts of DDOCast, I presented several or a dozen pieces of my circular ramblings; my Draagon Fragments. The mis-spelling is intentional, Dragon as in “To drag on…”. The spelling of Dragon as Draagon invites you to discover the correct pronunciation of the project. Story and verse without resolution. Bits and scraps of information strewn across a palette of sound and intended to be fed upon by future pieces.

I have, for some time now, had the desire to bring several of the songs and verse from those pieces into a small collection of sorts; a tighter smaller unit of time. An unfortunate side-effect of placing song into an audio broadcast is that We risk the chance that the live-stream will hatchet and destroy the intended sound of the piece. The work-around is for the host to by-pass a live broadcast of the segment and to instead embed the song into the piece AFTER the actual broadcast. Extra work for an already over-worked host! Because several of my segments were not embedded into the iTunes file, much the work of Ms. T and Bear, my co-conspirators, is unlinkable for friends and family who might like to listen in on what Bear or Ms. T have been doing for me(he without talent). Such things as live auto-tuning and compression rates are death to anything that carries the scent of the harmonic or melodic lines. Yes, they can both be thought of as lines; one vertical, one horizontal.

If you have an ear for it, you will often pick up on the broadcast tech. jumping in when even the simple spoken word is held for too long. One culprit for this effect is found in the sub-conscious act of holding a word when you are thinking forward; “…and thennn I”. A spoken “Hello”, given and held as “Helloww” may often be hit with the auto-tune/compression and give you a strange twinge-hiccup from the “…loww” of the extended “Hello” and into the beginning of the next word. The software thinks that you are trying to sing and will try(often disastrously when you really are singing) to smooth you out.

I will not be representing the segments as originally broadcast. Rather, I will simply be posting the musical or verse piece from each segment. A few words leading in or out of the music may find their way into the post but rest assured not enough to try your patience. 😉

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  1. I never thought my random post and tiny lizard people would be appreciated like that. Thanks! Now I’m hoping for greased kobolds. That sounds a lot more entertaining than the Hunt of the Mimics.

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