Aug 172016

I’ve had this idea now for a couple of years. I wanted to make a James Bond movie intro, except with my character Mawry instead of Bond, and using this specific song: Supremacy (by Muse).

The song feels very Bondian, if there were such a thing. A perfect Bond movie intro accompaniment.

I’ve since given up on the idea, which I find to be a shame but it would take days to put together and I’ve never found the time. Nor will I, apparently. The plan faded into a scheme, then just an idea, and is now only a daydream.

But it would have been glorious.

Play that song – you can’t play the whole thing from that link, but you won’t need to, the vibe comes across clearly in the 30-second sample you can get for free. Now imagine …

The scene opens with Mawry in stealth mode, working her way through a labyrinthine series of corridors. Here she sneaks up behind a guard and quickly dispatches him. Here she stands, back to the wall by a doorway, waiting for guards to pass by before continuing on her stealthy way. Here she straightens and runs. (I was going to use Rushmore’s mansion for hallways).

Music swells and then hits a quieter mood as Mawry slips into the back of a large room where a boss is talking to his underlings (the first room in Gianthold Tor, cutting between views where the boss whathisname? Igneus? is talking down from a high ledge and another view where the giants are pooled in the middle of the room)

“Good evening, Ms Haversack, I’ve been expecting you” says the boss. Witty one liners go back and forth before the boss turns and walks away. “Kill her” he says as he leaves, and the music intensity picks up again as his giant henchmen attempt to do just that.

To no avail, Mawry elegantly dispatches them all. As the last one falls, quick-cut to blackened outlines of dancing DDO characters falling down the screen.

It is supposed to look a little trippy.

One of the dancers gets visual focus, then expands, filling the screen to black.

Several scenes follow. Quick cuts between each one, no fades. The cuts are timed to changes in the song.

Here Mawry is in close-up firing a bow
Here Mawry is jumping off an airship
Here Mawry is in close-up shooting a crossbow
Here Mawry is fighting a beholder using hand-to-hand combat
Here Mawry is tumbling forward and swinging her swords, then tumbling back, swapping to repeater crossbow, coming up firing
Here Mawry is fighting a mindflayer with two swords, circling about to stay on its backside


A first try at the explosion-over-the-shoulder. But flawed, no one is walking, and a dog and cursor are both in the way.

I think this would be enough scenes to fill the song but may need more. Or less? As we are approaching the end of the song …

The mindflayer scene fades to black. The blackness shrinks to reveal itself to be the dancer again, one of many dancers. They shrink too then disappear, leaving us in the last scene

Mawry is bent over, fussing with something. She straightens and walks away and we can see that she was lighting a fuse. The camera cuts to Mawry again, calmly and expressionlessly walking towards the camera. Over her shoulder, we see the fuse, then …. Boom! Explosion! filling the screen with white.

Letters fade in, in a Bondian font. “Mawry Haversack” they say, very large, then a small “in” then another very large “From Commando, With Love”

Song ends.

Movie ends.

For the longest time, I stored screenshots and short videos that I thought might end up part of this video. But eventually I realized that none of them were quite right, all would have to be re-shot, some would take significant time to set up, and really, this whole idea was going to be hours and hours of fidgeting to get “just so”.

If only I had a week with nothing else to do

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

What do you think?

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