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One of the many advantages of being “between jobs” is the way that you can do things during the business day you would never otherwise be able to do. Like … spending eight to ten hours watching Cordovan on Twitch while occasionally logging in to play DDO.

Friday was DDO’s 10-year anniversary, which Turbine celebrated with a big party for their employees and a variety of DDO-player related celebrations. I am saying “Turbine” but mainly I mean Cordovan, he has been on a one-man social media whirlwind; twittering/facebooking/DDO foruming and of course twelve straight hours of live Twitch. Not only Cordovan, I noticed that DDOChat had developer attendees most of the day, and several devs commented on the forums, including one Kintani who has been on the forum for ten years and has exactly one post in his/her profile.

But still, mainly Cordovan, a.k.a. Jerry Snook, a.k.a. Turbine’s Community Manager.

The Twitch stream featured quite a lot of interviews with people associated with DDO, now or in the past. Major Malphunktion was on to talk about DDO and also his new project, which I forget. All of the current developers. People from customer service, people from marketing, people from everywhere in Turbine that is in some way DDO-related. Even former long-time producer Aseamah Screven Fernando Paiz was on, talking about DDO but also his new project, something Batman related, which I forget.

A whole lot of Twitch.


A twelve-hour DDO marathon on Twitch

A twelve-hour DDO marathon on Twitch


During (always short) breaks, Cordovan featured original DDO concept art, game music, and game voice recording sessions and artists

During (always short) breaks, Cordovan featured original DDO concept art, game music, and game voice recording sessions and artists


Tolero's interview featured the original DDO mimic

Tolero’s interview featured the original DDO mimic


Apparently, there was a segment with developer NohBob where they discussed the infamous Mouse Wheel Bug but sadly I was on my own short break at the time and missed it.

Usually, while Cordovan was Twitching, he somehow was also doing something else. Sometimes multiple other things – twitching, on the forums, and in the game. Multi-talented. You couldn’t see him in-game, he was on an invisible admin character. But you could tell he was there, partly because he would drop bags of useless but unique loot, or spawn random bad guys in a public instance. But the easiest way to tell he was there was the soul-crushing lag that would follow as dozens of characters tried to jump into the same instance and participate.

DDO, ten years of lag. A perfect recreation of the original Devil Assault, when for a week straight one could not enter the Marketplace without their frame rate dropping to one or two frames per minute. Good times, and happy birthday DDO!

For my troubles I snagged a pair of +1 Kukris and a jar containing ten uses of Remove Disease. Nonetheless and lag aside, good times!


Anniversary mobs in Eveningstar

By the time I remembered to take this screenie, most of the people had left.


Random monsters spawned in public instances

Random monsters spawned in public instances

The image of fighting in Eveningstar is not mine, but rather was taken by forum user Grandern Marn and posted to this forum thread.

Maybe the most conversation-worthy of all was the “bumper” that Jerry had in place before the stream started, and whenever he would have to reboot (which was often, lots of audio issues apparently).


Cordovan said that all of these things were under consideration for development. Seriously? Even the pirate bear? And when was this consideration? And which were selected for action? This is worthy of a blog post all by itself. Maybe several.

Halflings riding dinosaurs!

What a celebration that would be.

But anyway. The celebration continues today; more tweets this morning, more awesome original concept art:

And of course, best of all, Update 30! Gnomes!

I’ve already updated my DDO client and will be in-game the very second that I can be.

Happy Birthday DDO!

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  1. Lag was fierce… I tried playing several times over the weekend and had a couple of sessions that were just not worth trying.

  2. Will the Halfling commando’s now open a branch for the gnome engineers?

  3. Yay, thanks for using my image and the link. Love your long time dedication to the game too Geoff!

  4. Happy Gnomiversary DDO!

    I only had a brief moment to visit the live streaming business, and my computer decided it didn’t like Twitch, silly computer πŸ˜›

    The server I visited, I did notice everything was in Eveningstar, which was the only disappointment of the event, a small one πŸ™‚

    Three cheers for DDO, and the DDO Team! May all your gnomes roll 20s!

  5. In the past all I could be blamed for was party wipes, piking, and taking your good loot rolls. Now I can be officially blamed for lag! πŸ™‚

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