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Free-To-Play Character Builds

It’s been a busy week in the DDOGamer email box. First Tloboc offers to create free-to-play character builds for anyone who asks for them. In the article, I mention four specific builds that I think would work well for first-time F2P players.

Then – whoa, twice in one week – another incoming email This one from Steiner Davion, containing versions of those exact four builds. Steiner Davion, a.k.a. “Tim”, is a DDOCast reporter and sometime DDOGamer contributor. He is apparently having a prolific week.

Let’s take a look at the builds!

In the arcane role, I suggested a bard/sorceror mix. Tim proposes a Bard6/Sorceror18 Halfling caster with Spellsinger and Fire Savant enhancements.

Level 20 True Neutral Halfling Male
 (14 Sorcerer \ 6 Bard)
 Hit Points:   152
 Spell Points: 1420
 BAB:          11\11\16\21
 Fortitude:    10
 Reflex:       14
 Will:         24

 Abilities     Base  Modified
 Strength       10      10
 Dexterity      14      15
 Constitution   12      12
 Intelligence   12      12
 Wisdom         10      10
 Charisma       16      25

Exactly the kind of idea I was suggesting. Self healing, heavy nuking, some bard songs to help out (a little). A playable build that requires no Turbine Points, tomes, or past life feats.

Here is the complete Character Builder file: F2P Bard/Sorceror

In the melee role, I suggested a halfling tactical fighter with the Dragonmark of healing. Let’s see what we got:

All of these builds created using Ron's Character Planner

Level 20 True Neutral Halfling Male 
(20 Fighter) 
Hit Points:   287 
Spell Points: 0 
BAB:          20/20/25/30/30 
Fortitude:    16 
Reflex:       8 
Will:         7 
Abilities       Base    Modified 
Strength         16        24 
Dexterity        11        11 
Constitution     14        14 
Intelligence     13        13 
Wisdom            8         8 
Charisma          8         8

Nice, looks like a little dude (or dudette) that will hit hard and still have the ability to pull back and heal himself (or herself) fairly effectively. I note that Tim borrowed from all of the fighter enhancement trees to add to tactical capabilities. The full Character Builder file is available here.

For the Divine role, I suggested a pure cleric, but one that mixes the ability to hit with the ability to heal. Mixing enchancements from the Radiant Servant and Warpriest trees, that is exactly what Tim sent:

Level 20 Lawful Good Human Male 
(20 Cleric) 
Hit Points:   255 
Spell Points: 1560 
BAB:          15/15/20/25/25 
Fortitude:    14 
Reflex:       6 
Will:         19 

Abilities       Base    Modified
Strength         10        10 
Dexterity        10        10 
Constitution     14        14 
Intelligence     12        12 
Wisdom           16        24 
Charisma         12        12

Almost as many hit points as the fighter but aided by an essentially infinite pool of self-healing. This is probably the build that a brand new player should try first. Very survivable! Full Character Planner file here.

Finally, the one that looks to me like it would be the hardest to play in terms of survivability, but the most fun in terms of challenge and capabilities, the rogue/wizard.

Level 20 True Neutral Human Male 
(14 Rogue / 6 Wizard) 
Hit Points:   168 
Spell Points: 410 
BAB:          13/13/18/23 
Fortitude:    7 
Reflex:       18 
Will:         8 

Abilities      Stats    Modified 
Strength        12        12 
Dexterity       16        24 
Constitution    12        12 
Intelligence    16        18 
Wisdom           8        8 
Charisma         8        8 

This Assassin/Eldritch Knight is focused more on roguing and less on wizarding; a tough character to solo. But totally rewarding if you can pull it off. Here is the Character Planner file.

Note that none of this would be possible without Ron’s Character Planner, one of the two things in DDO-land that make the game playable (the other being DDO Wiki, of course!).

Thank you Tim for taking the time to plot these out.

And to any of you who are seeking first-time builds, well, here you go. And welcome to DDO! Ah, if only I could be a first-time DDO player again.

Good times!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. We definitely need more newbie friendly builds posted.

    • Absolutely. It’s shame that the Path builds in the game are lackluster; and not in a thematic way, because they all sound pretty cool and enticing…which is the problem.

  2. Geoff, you can be new “1st Time DDO Player”, come join Sublime on Thelanis and you can have that experience after every time you die.

  3. Sadly, the lack of cool FtP builds scared away some of my friends (usually, builds are based around one or more high level tomes that are quite difficult to afford for them), so these builds are perfect for them. Thank you very much!

  4. As someone who has been playing for years, but slowly, so only on third life of main toon (plus a few minor alt adventures) I definitely think cleric is the easiest choice for new comers, both for solo exploring and pugging with strangers where hanging back and healing is never minded. I LRd a couple of times and found healer / casting easier than trying to melee properly. With some boosts to radiance spell power, the DD SLA sun bolt is worthwhile for very few spell points, and instakills can be quite viable on the right foes.

  5. The links just leads to a web based text document that can not be saved?

    • Depending on your browser, right-click and choose Save As.

      These are Character Planner files: you will want to load them into Ron’s Character Planner.

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