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Thunder Peaks Loot Run

There’s a new loot run in town! It’s not perfect, it doesn’t have a chance for named loot like the loot run in Servants of the Overlord, nor any ingredients*. But it does feature a level 29 chest (more with a Jewel of Fortune and/or a +loot weekend), and it certainly meets the loot run definition:

A loot run is a chest that can be looted to ransack quickly, by one character, without the use of resources by the player, and reset quickly too.

The other loots runs that I know about:

  • Level 7-8: Fire giant caves in Threnal wilderness
  • Level 10-12: Haywire Foundry (VON4) video
  • Levels 12-14: Clever reader Erdrique points out the Bloodstone chest in the Menechtarun Desert
  • Levels 12-16: Clever reader Kastor points out the Mindflayer chest in the Ruins of Gianthold
  • Level 15: Servants of the Overlord video
  • Levels 20-22: VON4 and Servants of the Overlord on Epic

There are probably more, not everyone would be motivated to share the best loot runs with the world, too much attention to something that can be farmed too easily might cause it to be changed; this is one of those cases where discretion applies.

But I have no filters nor discretion: I am sharing all of the loot runs that I know.

A loot run does not have to be easy, some are more elaborate than others. All of them require practice to master to the point where you can run them quickly and painlessly, and some can only be well-run by certain types of characters.

This new one is one of the latter category, not suitable for every type of character.


Loot Run Map

The new loot run is in the Ruins of Thunderholme wilderness area. There is a chest that can be reached without combat (if one is invisible or sneaky), quickly, although it does require a bit of trapsmithery. The chest is locked, so locksmithery applies as well; Ejecta’s Knock is +39 but could not get this chest even when rolling a 20.

You’re probably going to need rogue skills, or to hire a rogue. The level 24 rogue available in Eveningstar, Iessin, is not able to find the traps unboosted, but is able to find the traps when given a Greater Heroism spell.

To loot:

1 Enter the Ruins of Thunderholme
2 Sticking close to the wall, climb the stairs to your right
  • The skeletons in the middle of this room will attack unless you keep to the edges
3 Open the corridors by hitting the lever shown on the map

Loot Run Expanded Map

The in-game map shows stairs in the north of this room.
That is not accurate. They are towards the south.

4 Sneak or invisible your way around to the secret room shown on the map
  • There are traps in the floor
  • The traps appear in hallway junctions and in the hallway behind the secret room
  • You can jump over the traps, or disable them using control boxes
  • There are control boxes on each side of the trap; you don’t have to cross it
5 Continue along the path to the secret room
  • Jump around/avoid whichever groups of monsters are in the hall
  • Jumping directly over a monster really annoys it. So don’t

The western entrance to the secret room

The western entrance to the secret room

6 Go to the western entrance to the secret room (see the expanded map)
7 Locate the trap control box, adjacent to the secret door on the northern wall of the alcove

Inside the secret room

Inside the secret room

8 Disarm, open secret door, unlock chest, loot
9 Recall out, reset the adventure area, repeat

What can go wrong?

If any of the monsters you bypassed in the hallway are bats, they will unerringly see you and follow you, all the way to the western secret door. If so, get as close to the secret door as you can (meaning you are as far into the alcove as possible and out of sight of wandering skeletons) before you deal with the bats.

An Inconvenient SkeletonRoving skeletons in inconvenient places
Because skeleton groups occur in random places, there may be a group that can see into the western alcove. If your character is sturdy enough to deal with this group without having to use resources and without attracting agro, then do so. Otherwise consider entering the secret door from the eastern side, or if that is also cluttered with bad guys, simply recalling out and trying again.

Monsters inside the secret room
Occasionally there will be a skeleton or caster (or both!) actually inside the secret room. The traps may take them out for you. Alternately, if they see your hireling before they see you, you can probably just ignore them, loot, and recall out. Your hireling will be fully regenerated when you next summon him.


Well, really only one, but there is a ledge above the secret door in the western alcove. It is conveniently high enough off the floor to be out of the reach of bats and skeletons, but low enough that you can reach it with a Jump spell. It is within disarming range of the secret room’s trap control box: in the video you will see (if it ever finishes uploading) that Iessin is able to search for the control box, disarm it, and even open the secret door all while standing on this ledge.

So there you go, one standard level 29 chest awaiting your (relatively) easy ransacking pleasure. No named loot, no epic seals or shards, and sadly, no Dwarven Ingots* or Black Stone. Just loot. But still, it’s free loot.

Free! Loot!

How can that not be a good thing?

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. Clever Reader Tom and a couple of forum readers report that in fact this chest does give out Dwarven Ingots. I personally am 0-fer-20 or so But I have notoriously bad loot luck.

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  1. Aren’t all quests loot runs? =)
    My inner rogue certainly thinks so!

  2. I have pulled dwarven ingots from that chest, just not very often

  3. TY for this. Saves me time and this is now my reference. Also, Haunted Halls can be one big massive fun loot run. You’ll have to run it for me tho. My video card is too gimp to make a video at the moment (hand me down).

  4. Don’t forget about the quick and dirty loot run for the Bloodstone/Ring of Spell Storing in the Desert :).

    • I looted the SS ring the other month (year), and no one in my party wanted it o_O
      So I threw in the bank for my cleric 😛

  5. A great chest for any rogue or anyone who can cast knock is the Mindflayer’s chest in Gianthold. You just use the quicktravel to the Storm’s Eye camp, run up the spire, kill the flayer and his two minions, and you got yourself an easy chest! Fantastic way to quickly gather ancient relics, or restored relics as this works in the Epic version, too! Makes getting Augments so much easier.

  6. I consider Raiding the Giants’ Vault a loot run 🙂 With a little practice, it can be spedrun in well under 5 minutes, and you get 1-3 chests depending on lockpicking ability.

  7. In Thunderholme, if you’re being followed… close the door behind you.
    Also, if you stand directly on the chest, trap does not hit you.

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