Oct 102009

We started Queen For a Day Shroud runs about a month ago. To recap:we roll to see who gets to be the queen. Everyone else swaps their loot to that person for the entire run. For those of us that play regularly, sacrificing one Shroud run per week is not significant, but for those who are more casual this is like getting a full month or two of grind all in one night.

Each of the four Queens has gotten enough swag to build a greensteel item or weapon upgraded their character. As we had hoped, the character upgrades are improving our overall guild performance too.

We’ve made some refinements to the rules since the original post:

  • All gold/plat/gems are swapped to the Queen
  • All ingredients and power cells are swapped to the Queen
  • Tomes are exempt. You may always keep the tome you pull.
  • The Queen gets first pick on any shards, but we usually pull more than she can use
  • The Queen gets first pick on all other loot, but only to build up her main character. If she can wear it, its hers, otherwise it stays with whoever pulled it

We’ve had to fill raid slots with PUG pickups but the QFAD roll is for Halfling Commandos only. We let others in the first week but then realized that we’re trying to build up the guild… letting others play defeats the purpose.

What do you think?

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