Nov 072010

Another unexpected pleasure found in Mawry’s mailbox this morning:

From: Healtoe
Subject: Commando

Good day, my name is Healtoe, my birth name was Heeltoe. For my parents had intended I grow into a fine spy, but it soon became apparent that I was not fit for such tasks, and at age 10 my powers began manifesting themselves. When that happened my parents disowned me to a cruel, tall world.

As a soul favored by the Sovereign Host, i often found myself relegated to welcoming new converts, never being trusted enough to heal others. When my dragonmark, that of healing, manifested, the church reversed its previous ruling, allowing me to perform basic healing on less injured patrons. Infuriated by the hypocrisy of this, I left the church, however still find myself grace by the glory of the Host.

I would appreciate the opportunity to heal the lower orders of the Commandos. I may not be fit to heal the types of injuries that higher up members sustain, but i can certainly maintain the health and well being of shock troopers.

I love this game! 🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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